27 people die from methanol poisoning, believing that drinking is effective for the new coronavirus

In Iran, where drinking is legally prohibited, it has been reported that 27 people who drank liquor, believed to be rumored to be a treatment for new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), died.

Iran bootleg booze touted as 'corona cure' kills dozens


Bootleg booze kills 27 in Iran after coronavirus 'cure' rumours, Middle East News & Top Stories-The Straits Times

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has been reported to cause infections and deaths worldwide, and has become a serious problem in the Middle East. In Iran, 7161 people were infected as of March 10, 2020, and 237 people have died.

According to the state-run Iranian News Agency (IRNA), there have been 20 deaths from methanol poisoning in alcoholic beverages in Fujistern in southwestern Iran and 7 in Alborz in northern Iran. A spokesman for Jundi Sharpur Medical University in Iran also announced that there were 218 people who swallowed moonshine and taken to the hospital, believing that it would treat the new coronavirus infection. It has been pointed out that hoaxes have become a major problem with the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and deaths in Iran are one such hoax.

In Iran, after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, drinking was banned, and severe penalties, including fines, flogging and imprisonment, were imposed on drinking. However, in practice, alcohol is bought and sold by smuggling and smuggling, and many people die from methanol poisoning. This has prompted politicians and activists in 2019 to push the government to ease drinking bans to reduce deaths.

Ingesting large amounts of methanol can cause visual impairment and renal failure, and in the worst case, death. For this reason, local media regularly calls on the public that moonshine can cause poisoning.

At the end of February 2020, a clergy in Iran proposed a major criticism of the idea of applying essential oil to the ass hole before going to bed as a countermeasure against coronavirus.

Applying essential oil to anus 'cures coronavirus': Iranian cleri

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