An event to 'present a cockroach instead of chocolate' on Valentine will be held at the zoo

On Valentine's Day, which is held on February 14, every year, many lovers send chocolates and gifts to their opponents and spend a sweet time together. However, some people who are far from the story or people who have just been humbled by their lovers may want to say 'Relieve me' without thinking of the atmosphere. For such a person, a zoo in the United States holds a Valentine event entitled 'Quit Bugging Me'. A feeding cockroach named after the applicant's ex-boyfriend and ex-kano was used to feed insect-eating animals.

Please note that this article contains images and movies of large cockroaches.

Quit Bugging Me

Over $ 10,000 raised for El Paso Zoo's 'Quit Bugging Me' Valentine's Day event-KVIA

Scorned lovers pay $ 5 to name a COCKROACH after their ex then watch it get eaten | Daily Mail Online

El Paso Zoo, Texas, has hosted an event that uses named cockroaches for animals during the three days from February 14, 2020, Valentine's Day. At the event, the name of the former lover of the applicant recruited on the official website was given to the cockroaches and given to animals bred in the garden while calling on the name.

'We were a bit sick of commercial romantic events, so we decided to start a fun anti-Valentine event to start something different,' said Sara Borrego of El Paso Zoo, who organized the event. I did it '.

Instead of black and sweet chocolate, the animals were served by frozen Madagascar cockroaches for feeding, which is a special treat for animals in the garden. The zoo's veterinarian staff carefully selected animals that eat insects in the natural world and decided on the type and amount of animals to be given, so there is no worry that animals were forced.

In addition, 'Tim', 'Jesse', 'Zachary' and 'Monte' are served on the following feeding plates.

When you play the following movie, you can see how cockroaches are actually behaving on animals at El Paso Zoo.

Inside the box with Ocelot 's Luna in his face, there are cockroaches named 'Tony', 'Daniel', 'Alexandra' and 'Jason'.

I liked the box with the name of Luna as well as the contents. After eating the contents, I was playing while destroying it crunchy.

Small lizards were found in Crystal, Brandy, Sandy, and Meg.

The lizard was initially in the middle of the tank ...

He sensed that he could get food, and came out shortly.

The keeper opened the glass door, presented a small cockroach with tweezers, and jumped and ate.

It was 'Erica' that was given to the Frog of the Sai Iguana .

Fid was unresponsive for a while ...

When I noticed a cockroach, I ate my tongue and ate it.

It is not just animals that have flattened cockroaches. At the 'Quit Bugging Me' event, donations are being raised along with the name of the former lover, and the director of the El Paso Zoo, Joe Montisano, is running a campaign to 'Eat one cockroach for every $ 1000 (about 110,000 yen).' The donation of over $ 10,000 (about 1.1 million) was raised, and we ended up eating 10 cockroaches.

In fact, you can see how Montisano's director is trying to eat insects from the section about

six and a half minutes after the movie below starts.

Mr. Montisano appears with a plate with something black on it.

Take the insect from the plate ...

Attempts are made to feed children who are nearby, but visitors will cheer “Jo! Joe!” And will not leave.

The woman next door also refused.

In the end, I ate and ate. Unlike the cockroaches that were given to animals, the head of Montisano ate a group of water bugs that can be eaten by humans. However, 'water bug', which means aquatic insects in English, sometimes refers to small cockroaches such as German cockroaches, so it must be a wording.

'The taste is good.'

This is the second time El Paso Zoo has hosted the Quit Bugging Me since 2019. This is a reprint of the popular 2019 event, but the San Antonio Zoo in Texas also hosted a similar “Cry Me a Cockroach” event on February 14, 2020.

At the San Antonio Zoo, cockroaches named after their former lover who donated $ 5 (about 550 yen) were

given to birds alive ...

The person who donated $ 25 (about 2760 yen) was able to name the ex-lover on the

frozen mouse given to the Komodo dragon .

Even if you missed the name of your former lover at the 2020 Valentine event, you can apply for `` Name a Roach '' at the Bronx Zoo in New York and name the cockroach for Valentine's Day 2021 It is possible. If you pay $ 10.5, you will receive an electronic certificate that proves that you have named the cockroach a special person, and a

tour plan that allows you to see giraffes and penguins up close.

Name a Roach-Bronx Zoo

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