Reproduce the parrots with a parrots raped by a human-like voice

Dogs are common when they say animals that protect their homes from thieves, but macaws of pet shops in Massachusetts have done a great achievement to defend the store by raging against the robbery. I wonder if it was a human-like voice.

Details are as below.Shouting Macaw scares off burglar at pet store Oddly Enough Reuters

Damaged the window at the pet shop at Leominster in Massachusetts and the robbery invaded. However as soon as robbery entered the shop it seems that a 7-year-old parake "Merlin" started screaming. According to manager Lori Oltman, "Did you hear someone come in, Merlin cried out the owner's name, as if the robber seemed to misunderstood that voice as a person's voice rather than a bird's thing, It quickly diverted. "

Macaws are a type of parrots and are known for having high intelligence and mimicking human voice. Mr. Lori says that many people have been deceived as it is talking like a person not only at robbery but also at the back of the shop, who was deceived by the voice of birds.

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