The 50th anniversary model "Baseball Ace" loaded with "New Magic ball" launched

A baseball board game baseball board that hits a ball that is struck out with a lever with a bat charged with a spring. Today, since the video game has become widespread, there may be few families with this, but in the past I was attracted to many children.

By saying that baseball club will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, it seems that a new model equipped with a new Magic ball following "Disappearing Magic Ball" will be released.

Details are as below.Epoch releases the baseball board 50th anniversary model "baseball board ace" with "new magic ball" function

The newly released "Baseball Ace" is released on March 22nd, 2008 at nationwide mass merchandisers and department stores. The planned price is 5229 yen including tax. A new Magic ball is a stubborn thing just to hear that a part of the ground in front of the home base rises up, and the ball floats up to the air by being repelled and makes a batter swing.

It seems to avoid bat like this.

Of course there will be a disappearing devil

Switching stance to counter the demonic ball is also possible.

In addition to that, we are planning to produce the original baseball board for corporations and corporations as a 50th anniversary project.

I will make an original baseball board!

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