I tried playing at Shogakukan's "First grade primary school" appendix "Anywhere Yubi piano Doremi-kun"

There was a thing called "Anywhere Yubi piano Doremi" which can be played anywhere in the appendix of the April issue of a learning magazine "Elementary school first grade" published by Shogakkan, so I tried playing at once.

I am surprised at the high degree of perfection which is unlikely to be for children.

Details are as below.
This is the April issue of "First grade primary school student". At the bookstore I was bound by a strap.

The place where I cut the straps.

appendix. At the bottom left is "Yubi piano Doremi everywhere".

With a picture of Doraemon.

An instruction manual was included. It seems to be what you play with your right hand.

This is the main body.

There is a switch.

I tried it in my hands. As it is for elementary school first graders as well, it is too small for adults.

I tried it as to whether the sound comes out.

I tried playing songs.

Impression that it is pretty ingenuous though it is an impression that I actually tried playing. I think that it was a pretty well made toy for elementary school first graders. It is not enough for an adult to play indeed, but if you have a child who enrolled in elementary school from around April, it might be a good idea to give a gift.

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