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announcement of the 7th episode of the TV anime ' Heterogeneous Reviewers ' 'The uncle's eyes are sprang up at the spawning show! The secret of Maidley will be shown! And finally announced! Succubus popular vote!' Has been released. The reviewers are heading to the spawning succubus store this time. There is a demand for ethics from the service of being able to eat the produced eggs on the spot, but what kind of daughter comes to lay eggs because it is safe because it is an infertile egg.

TV animation `` Heterogeneous Reviewers '' Episode 7 notice-YouTube

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News Up New Coronavirus “Examinees Are Infected!” At That Time University | NHK News

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New virus cruise ship disembarks and two Japanese passengers in hospital are killed | NHK News

Two cruise ship ministry officials infected | NHK Metropolitan Area News

Chinese government recognizes possibility of 'aerosol infection' New type pneumonia Infectivity from 'splash'-Sankei News

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[Uncut] Kentaro Iwata and Kobe University professors criticize measures against cruise ships

Infectious disease experts criticize infection control on passenger ships BBC exclusive coverage

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3 Ministers Absent Pneumonia Headquarters Meeting Local Event Priority | Kyodo News

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Kobe University's Kentaro Iwata's `` accusation '' that he has not met with Deputy Vice Minister Hashimoto, and the expert who conducted a formal investigation on board the Iwate Medical UniversityProfessor Shigeru Sakurai's `` survey result '', which is more certain ? -Togetter

Infectious disease experts criticize infection control on passenger ship BBC interviews-BBC news

What is your connecting room business trip record? 30 seconds to answer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Possibility of new type pneumonia 'aerosol infection' Pathogen air drift [new type pneumonia / coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A) Moriyama corrects his own statement 'Apology by hotel side'

Did the infection spread even after waiting on the cruise ship cabin? National Institute of Infectious Diseases | NHK News

Director of the Personnel Affairs Bureau, withdraws his own defense Attorney General's retirement extension problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cruise Ship Boarded DMAT Doctor 'Private to Save Life' | NHK News

Abe meets local puffer fish wholesalers and tasting natural puffer fish | NHK News

After watching Kentaro Iwata's video (link in the comment section), he thought, 'I'm like Mr. Iwata.'

For those who do not know Mr. Iwata, it may have been a bit too stimulating. However, it is a content that may catch up with the passengers who are disembarking and those who are working hard at the site, so while admitting the facts as facts, they are misunderstood as the parties appearing in the video, where they are missing I would like to fix it.

] I was kicked out in one day.

It is a fact. To be precise, it was just under 2 hours on board. I see only the area around the lounge.

] A certain worker working at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare called and said, 'You may enter.'

This is me. However, it does not say 'you can enter.' I don't have that authority. However, I said, 'Let's think about the way.' He advised that the Society for Environmental Infection was active, and that he could be active through it. However, he applied but was refused (after being abandoned for a while).

] We received a suggestion from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to join as a member of DMAT

This is me. That's right.

] If you're just a DMAT member, not a infection control expert under the staff of DMAT, just do the job of DMAT

This is me. However, it does not say 'I'll put it in.' I don't have that authority. However, 'Beyond entering as DMAT, do the activities of DMAT firmly. Please do not point out the point of infection control from the beginning. If you can establish trust, you will be able to give such advice.' I told you.

The reason was that the site was in the middle of an operation aimed at disembarking the passengers, and was working hard with limited personnel. Under such circumstances, if I started teaching immediately, I was worried that Dr. Iwata would be smoked and would not be able to continue his activities. Well, a cruise ship is a special space, and I thought that it wasn't something I could give you advice just looking around.

Of course, this does not deny Dr. Iwata's extensive experience. However, because of the special environment in which various organizations such as the DMAT, the Self-Defense Forces, and the quarantine station are operating in a multi-layered manner, I asked for the first thing to get used to.

] I said, 'I understand.'

So Mr. Iwata promised me.

Talk to the DMAT Chief Doctor and say, 'I don't expect any DMAT work, I'm not a professional anyway, you're an infection job, you should do an infection job.' I received advice.

This is true. Professor Iwata understood that he was now able to take action on infection control. However, ships have many decision-making processes, including not only DMAT but also the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Self-Defense Forces, and above all, shipping companies, including the captain. I didn't understand the complexity, and my promises to me were upset. At the very least, I wish I could talk to me over the phone, but it seems that the first time I was given advice on infection control to everyone.

What happened as a result ... The site was confused, and he couldn't work if he was there, and he was dismissed. Of course, I think that Dr. Iwata's advice as an infectious disease doctor was generally reasonable. Just being right doesn't move an organization. Especially during crisis management, trust is of paramount importance.

I wasn't afraid to be in Africa or China, but inside the Diamond Princess was incredibly miserable, and I was scared from the bottom of my heart.

This is a matter of Dr. Iwata's sensitivity and I will not deny it. In addition, the emergence of an infectious disease in a special enclosed space called a ship is not afraid. However, I want you to understand that some of them are working hard. By the way, I will enter the ship tomorrow.

Despite the many challenges, we have been improving them little by little. There is still room for improvement. But you can't escape as long as there are passengers. At least until all operations were completed, passengers could not be disembarked and released to the region and the world.

I think infectious disease physicians think that the highest priority is to protect themselves, but those who have been working hard on the ship for two weeks have made it a top priority to protect passengers and Japan and the world. It is.

It is OK to criticize the government for such a situation, but I would like to avoid shrinking the scene with fear without giving a solution. As long as you can't escape ...

] In the diamond princess, both green and red are jumbled, and there is no way to distinguish where it is dangerous and where it is not.

It is easy to see what is described as 'chattered' as an infectious disease doctor. But this expression is misleading as if no zoning was done. However, zoning is actually well done. If not perfect ...

Certainly, hospitals in developed countries, or NGOs and international medical centers set up in developing countries, will have more sophisticated infection control measures. Suddenly, the mission of a ship with an emerging infectious disease involving approximately 3,700 crew members and passengers (and many elderly people) is extremely complicated.

I have been involved in NGO activities abroad and I am still a board member of the International NGO, but no matter what NGO or international organization, this should not start out of confusion. I will not be able to. I don't say that there has been nothing to reflect on over the last two weeks, but I think the site has worked so hard. You will be ridiculed with spiritual theory, but ...

] Walking with the quarantine station and passing by the patient.

As expected, this is different. It is not such a conductor. I think it's not a patient but a passenger. Even for passengers, I think that is rare.

] I told you, but I have a very disgusting face.

Infectious disease physicians need to be consultants. That is also the ability to hear. I don't think the other party is useless when I can't hear it. I think my way of explanation was bad.

But if I weren't there, I wouldn't have any professionals to fight infection again

This is wrong. Every day, doctors who specialize in infectious diseases and public health are on board and instructed. I think you didn't know. Well, if you say that you can not enter the professional compared to yourself, there is no word to return ...

] Something like Sierra Leone was really good.

I think it is a medical center operated by developed countries in Sierra Leone. Please do not equate with the misery of infection control in community hospitals in the poorest countries.

] There is an epicurve, but I was told today that I did not take that data at all.

This is wrong. It is not Mr. Iwata. The person who taught might not know. The Institute of Infectious Diseases has published an epicurve. It will be upgraded with new reports, but it has already been announced and is not 'not at all'.

That's what I felt. There may be differences of opinion, and I may be wrong. Please point out. Anyway, I do not deny Mr. Iwata's 'will'. It should be examined and utilized properly so that lessons can be learned from the response of cruise ships.

First of all, this is the first effort. There is no failure. If there is something to conceal, it is the passengers who cooperated, the crew who did not abandon their work, the members of the SDF, and the medical workers who came from all over the country Will betray you.

However, our country is now facing an emerging infectious disease, and it is in an important phase whether it can be contained as it is or transition to a national epidemic. Unfortunately, the Japanese feel that when they face a crisis, they tend to be more enthusiastic about criticizing someone and not immersing themselves in the crisis itself. That's why we need to unite because it is when anxiety and doubt intersect.

`` Bakusai '' operation president arrested tax evasion charges, Takaoka Saki's brother-Sankei News

This summer's Olympics 'London held' Mayor election candidate with new type pneumonia: current affairs dot com

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New virus China offers test kit to Japan | NHK News

Mr. Kan 'Isolation is effective' Critical video deletion 'Not involved' [New type pneumonia / coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Two passengers on a cruise ship died Infected with a new coronavirus: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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3 years after SMAP dissolution Masahiro Nakai leaves Johnny's office | Bunshun Online

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Reborn, one and only frozen chocolate 'ice fruit [adult milk chocolate]' is now on sale! Campaign for up to 1,000 new products before launch! | [Official] Glico Ezaki

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