Report that `` vertical folding type folding smartphone '' such as Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola razr has difficulty in screen strength

Vertical foldable (foldable) smartphones such as the

Galaxy Z Flip announced by Samsung in February 2020 and the ' razr ' released by Motorola in December 2019 are now available. However, both models have been reported in reviews as having 'display problems'.

Galaxy Z Flip durability test calls Samsung's Ultra Thin 'Glass' into question-The Verge

Our Motorola Razr's display is already breaking and peeling at the fold

The problem of the display of foldable smartphones was also a problem in Samsung Galaxy released in October 2019 `` Galaxy Fold '', the fold part is connected seamlessly, it can be folded like a book Galaxy Fold reported that the original model had poorly completed displays and hinges, and a number of breakthroughs were reported in review models distributed to the media. As a result, Samsung has postponed the launch of Galaxy Fold and is redesigning it.

Report that the display was damaged on the day that Samsung's first folding smartphone `` Galaxy Fold '' was obtained-GIGAZINE

Conventional foldable smartphones had the drawback that the surface of the display was made of plastic, making them easily scratched with nails. However, Samsung appealed, 'In the case of the Galaxy Z Flip, a vertically foldable foldable smartphone, glass is used on the surface of the touch display', so expectations were placed on the durability of the display.

Therefore, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which mainly deals with gadgets, is conducting a durability test to actually scratch and reverse the display on the Galaxy Z Flip display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test-Fake Folding Glass?!-YouTube

With a normal smartphone, `` It is scratched at Mohs hardness 6 and the screen is deeply drilled at Mohs hardness 7 '', but Galaxy Z Flip started to scratch at Mohs hardness 2 and deeper scratches at Mohs hardness 3 That. This means that the Galaxy Z Flip display is less resistant than a regular smartphone and not much different from the Galaxy Fold or Motorola Razr plastic display.

JerryRigEverything speculates that the Galaxy Z Flip display is not made of perfect glass, but of a hybrid plastic polymer mixed with fine glass particles. According to IT media The Verge, `` I thought that the glass folding display was a big selling point of the $ 1380 (about 150,000 yen) Galaxy Z Flip, but it seems like an exaggerated marketing '' comment.

Samsung told The Verge, 'Galaxy Z Flip buyers can swap displays for only $ 119. The Galaxy Z Flip screen protector is free once. I can get it. '

In addition, Raymond Wong, editor of IT media input, purchased Motorola Razr and used it for a week, and noticed that a plastic film was floating from the OLED (organic EL) panel. Was. The peeling of the display just started from the hinge part, not only the surface but also the touch screen itself was damaged, and it would not respond to touch or tap operations.

If you look at the picture below, you can see that the discolored display at the hinge part contains something that looks like a crack.

According to Wong, the Motorola Razr has never been dropped or wet. Mr. Wong believes that the only cause that may have caused the display to be abnormal is the 'temperature change' when moving to a warm room after using it for about one hour in the cold of -1 ° C.

Mr. Wong contacted Motorola about this matter but did not respond.

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