A new visual of `` Final Fantasy VII Remake '' is released, and a new summoned carbuncle is criticized by foreign media as `` like an alien appearing in a B-class SF movie in the 1950s ''

New visuals of “

Final Fantasy VII Remake, ” which will be released worldwide on April 10, 2020, have been released. In addition to the key visuals and main characters, a new visual of the familiar `` Summon the Beast '' is also released in the Final Fantasy series, but the appearance of `` Carbuncle '' announced here is `` In the 1950s B-class SF movie Like an alien that appears. '

'FFVII Remake' Red XIII and Hojo visuals revealed! Information on new elements such as 'Anything Store Quest'! | PlayStation.Blog

Although it was initially planned to be released worldwide on March 3, 2020, `` Final Fantasy VII Remake '' whose release was postponed until April 10 due to brush up of the work Has released new visuals and more.

The newly released new key visuals are as follows. The main characters Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barrett, and Red XIII are depicted on the Midgard Highway.

The new visual was released with 'Red XIII', which will be an adventure together as a friend ...

'Hojo' is the science department of the Shinra Company.

In addition, you can check how Red XIII and Hojo actually move in the theme song announcement commemorative video below.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Theme Song Announcement Commemorative Trailer-YouTube

In addition, the `` Materia '' familiar in FINAL FANTASY VII, weapons used by each character, some details on Tifa's battle style, as well as new elements of the remake version, requested by Midgar people to achieve You can get rewards for 'Anything Store Quest' and 'Battle Report' where you can develop and sell new materia by clearing missions related to battle.

In addition to this, a new visual of the Summon has been released. With the 'Chocobo', a summon beast that can be obtained as a purchase privilege at Seven Net Shopping ...

'Car Buncle' available as a PlayStation Store early purchase benefit.

Then, three 'Cactienders' that can be obtained as purchase entitlements of Square Enix e-STORE have been released.

Overseas game media Kotaku criticizes this new visual as 'like an alien in a 1950s B-class science fiction movie.'

What The Hell Has Final Fantasy VII Remake Done To Carbuncle

Kotaku says, 'Are you a fox? A dog? Why are you so big? Why are you laughing when the big jewels are gone? Final Fantasy VII Remake is a pursuit of realism I understand, but I need to understand that I need to brake before I get to hell. '

The first appearance of Carbuncle in the Final Fantasy series was Final Fantasy V. A movie summarizing the evolution of Carbuncle in the Final Fantasy series has been released, and if you look at this you can see at a glance what the appearance of successive Carbuncles is like.

Final Fantasy CARBUNCLE EVOLUTION-Updated--YouTube

Final Fantasy V in which Carbuncle first appeared.

Next, Final Fantasy VI.

Skip Final Fantasy VII and appear in Final Fantasy VIII. Heather Alexandra, a senior writer at Kotaku, says he likes Carbuncle in Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy IX

Online Games Final Fantasy XI

Evolve into a more realistic design in Final Fantasy XIII.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the character design will be transformed again ...

Return to the real route again with Final Fantasy XV.

In addition, when I checked the reaction to Carbuncle on Twitter, Japanese users were 'shocked' and ...

Comment that Carbuncle of other series was cute

Candid comments such as 'Is your head big?'

Of course, there was also a comment saying 'cute', so the evaluation seems to be gusset.

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