`` THE FRENCH DISPATCH '' trailer drawn by Wes Anderson on the stage of a French newspaper bureau with `` Love letter to journalists ''

The trailer of ' THE FRENCH DISPATCH ', the latest work by

Wes Anderson , known for ' Grand Budapest Hotel ' and ' Inugashima ' has been released. Modeled on Anderson's most beloved magazine, The New Yorker, whose hobby is collecting magazines, it is a work depicting people working in a fictional newspaper in France.Anderson described the contents of this movie as 'Love Letter to Journalists' 'Is expressed .

THE FRENCH DISPATCH | Official Trailer-YouTube

Set in a fictional French city, Ennui-sur-Blasé. The French branch of an American newspaper publishes a magazine called The French Dispatch.

Editing section.

The French Dispatch handles a variety of topics. Chess wins or loses ...

Political mayhem


If it's of interest to the public, make it a magazine article.

Editor-in-chief Arthur Howitzer Jr. (right) looks at the article and the board showing the editing progress. We are talking to the waiter who is present about the future of the magazine.

The movie is divided into several chapters. Chapter 1, 'The Masterpiece of Concrete,' is an article by JKL Berensen, a correspondent of The French Dispatch.

The article is about 'Incarcerated Artist'

Despite being held in prison, his art is highly regarded ...

There are so many painters coming to prison to negotiate.

Works that are abstract but full of personality ...

It seems to be a source of uproar.

Chapter 2 is 'Revision of Manifest' by reporter Lucinda Clements

Clements witnesses the conflict between the student movement and the government.

Police squad holding a shield and baton to charge

Clements reporters interview student activists against the police

Chapter 3 is an article by Lowback Wright, titled 'Private Chief's Private Canteen.'

Police chief cook

It is skillful enough to manage the fire that can reach the ceiling.

Everyone who ate that dish has an enchanted look.

One phone there. When the chief received the handset, the kidnapper threatened to say, 'Your son has taken care of ...'

General Manager who jumps out in a hurry

Benicio del Toro plays the imprisoned artist Moses Rosenthaler

Clements reporter

Francis McDormand


Jeffrey Wright

Berensen reports to

Tilda Swinton

It is

Timothy Sharame who plays student activist Zephirelli

The prison guard, who also modeled the artist, is played by

Leah Sedu .

Owen Wilson , a regular in Anderson's work and a lot of scriptwriters, now plays dispatch journalist Herbsen Sarziak.

Mathieu Amarric , who is also a film director, will appear, but it is unknown what role he is.

Lina Kudli plays Juliet, a student activist

Chef at

Stephen Park

And Arthur Howitzer Jr., editor-in-chief of The French Dispatch, is played by Bill Murray, who is also a regular director of Anderson.

'Foreman sent a telegram about the news report,' said the waiter, but ...

'You're fired,' suddenly notified Editor-in-Chief Howitzer.

A waiter who is sentenced to fire and is almost crying for no reason ...

'Don't cry at my workplace,' said the editor-in-chief.

When the waiter looked up, he said 'NO CRYING' on the door.

'THE FRENCH DISPATCH' will be released in the United States on July 24, 2020. The date of publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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