A figure summary as if you condensed the 'cuteness' that feels love for Imus

From the idol

master series, which is extremely popular as an idol training simulation game and sound game, a number of figures that are too high quality and are about to move are on display at Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] , so I summarized them.

Wonder Festival

◆ Commercial booth
Ami Ami was found in the booth, Idolmaster Shiny Colors of the ' Molino Rinyo Brave hero jersey ver. '. 1 / 8th scale, prototype production by HIDE. The release date is undecided as Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] will be unveiled for the first time.

Rinyo Morino wearing a brave hero jersey, which is a unit costume for

climax girls after school .

The dynamic pose with the mop has been three-dimensionalized with the same dynamic feeling.


Sato Heart Heart to Heart ver. ' Was also exhibited by the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls . This was first exhibited at Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] half a year ago. At 1 / 8th scale, Ikurie is in charge of prototype production, and PM Office A is in charge of production cooperation.

Looking up, it looks like this. It is as if the illustration of SSR + 'Heart to Heart' was made into a three-dimensional form.

Seen from the side like this.

The skirt with lots of frills is also faithfully expressed, and the high reproducibility of the skirt has to be taken off.

Also from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, '

Minami Nitta Survival Instinct Valkyria ver. ' This is also in 1/8 scale, prototype fabrication Hachioto 's, color design tarutaru's, production cooperation Wonderful Works in charge. Scheduled to be released in November 2020, the price is 19,800 yen including tax.

The special illustration after special training of SR '[Survival Instinct Valkyria] Minami Nitta' that appeared as a ranking reward of 'LIVE Groove Visual burst' for the limited time event of the Idol Master Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage.

Arisu Tachibana looks like Fumika Sagisawa wanting to line up.

The costume is finely damaged.

Idol Master Million Live! ' Tanaka Kotoha Hana et al. Blessing ver. ' Was also on display. HIDE-san makes the prototype on 1/8 scale, Sho-san makes the color design, and Toshiya makes the production.

A three-dimensional illustration of the SSR 'Blessing of Flowers' before the awakening.

Seen from the side like this.

This is also a fluffy costume that is as good as Shuga.

Furthermore, Idol Master Million Live! '

Shiho Kitazawa Chocolier Rose ver. ' Was also unveiled for the first time. On the 1 / 8th scale, the prototype is made by Mr. Shogo , the color designer is Mr. Hamuchi Takeuchi , and the production cooperation is by the wing . In addition, since the release date is undecided, the exhibition is only a colored sample, so it is different from the actual product.

This is a three-dimensional figure of Shiho Kitazawa wearing the costume 'Chocolierre Rose' that is available in the SSR 'Shiho Kitazawa, the world dyed in autumn colors'.

Looking from the front like this. The rose pattern shines on the brown-colored dress that reminds you of chocolate.

◆ General dealer
6-21-11 Idol Master Shiny Colors 'Yuka Mitsumine Colorful Metamorphose Ver.' (10,000 yen), found on Tototata. Mr.

pon is in charge of prototype production and inkyo is in charge of coloring.

Three-dimensional illustration of SR '[Colorful Metamorphose] Yuka Mitsumine'. A cute smile shines through the two-tone glasses.

Seen from the side like this.

The twin tails have a very dynamic appearance, and I feel a strong commitment from the creator side.

Mr. pon, who was in charge of prototype production, has published a hair division diagram on his Twitter, and you can see that it is divided into quite fine parts.

6-14-05 What I found in 'Kalmia' was Idolmaster Shiny Colors 'Amana Osaki ~ Two Rains ~' (20,000 yen). Mr. Ebata is in charge of prototype production and coloring.

A three-dimensional version of the SR '[Two Rain] Osaki Amana' festival idol illustration.

Not only is the hair detailed here, but the frilled dress is also faithfully reproduced.

Also cherries sandwiched between both feet.

6-15-14 '

prayer Risama In' Idol Master million live! Ms. Michiko Banta of Loco was three-dimensional.

A three-dimensional illustration of the SR 'Great Artifact Rocco' after awakening.

It seems to be a locomotive who is eager to search, with three brushes in his left hand.

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