Do you want to attract the popularity of Servant? 90 figures of Fate-related figures found in the one-fest 2019 [Winter] general booth

At the commercial booth at Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] , a total of more than 50 new Fate related figures were exhibited, with a high face deviation , but many Fate related figures appeared in the general booth. The image taken by the GIGAZINE editorial department alone exceeded 90 bodies, and the result was that the trend 'which servant is popular?'

Wonder Festival | Wonder Festival

8-13-01 'Fate / zero Ilysia feel von Einzbern <Walnut sprout search>' discovered at 'Gyoen'. Exhibition only.

8-14-02 “

Aljuna Mini ” found in “ flalalamingo ” is sold for ¥ 4000 and was sold out at the time of shooting.

The 'Karna Mini' found at the booth is 25,000 yen for the finished product and 6,000 yen for the regular version. It's a mini-sized figure, but its quality was that of a true hero who would be killed by the eye.

8-15-07 “Full movable Okita Soji 1/12 scale resin cast assembly model” that I saw in “

Tenjin ” was an action figure that can move joints as the name implies. The selling price was 11,000 yen and was sold out at the time of photography.

The booth's “Full movable Okita Soji (Alta) 1/12 scale resin cast assembly model” ”was sold for 14,000 yen.

Foriner / Katsushika Hokusai who is one of the Servant who I saw especially in this one fess general meeting place in particular also appeared as 'full movable Katsushika Hokusai 1/12 scale resin cast assembly model'. The selling price is 10,000 yen and this is also sold out.

I also saw Abigail of the same foreigner in many booths. Tenyu's 'Full Mobile Abigail Williams (3rd Stage of Reiki Kikai) 1/12 Scale Resin Cast Assembly Model' was the only display, but it is faithfully reproduced until the ridge like the octopus foot during attack Yes.

8-16-11 'Orgumary Animsphae' seen on 'The Golden Star of the Dawn'. Only of the finished product exhibition, Sculpted by the

Miden 's in charge.

Are you aware of the cruel fate that attacks her?

8-17-08 'Astorfo [Christmas.ver]' I met at 'Orz' is prototyped by

Haruki Miyoshi and painted by Apostle Apostles. The selling price was 10,000 yen and was already sold out at the time of photography.

Astorfo, whose reason has been evaporated, is revived in spirit.

8-17-02 '

Abigail Williams [concept concept dress] ' found in ' Tsurunokan ' was also sold out at the time of shooting. Sculpted is Chizuru 's, coloring is Mai Motchi 's in charge.


Katsushika Hokusai ' seen at the booth is 15,000 yen. sold out. Mr. Chizuru, who is also in charge of prototyping, is in charge of coloring.

8-36-09 '

Hi Nou River ' encounters an exhibition of 'Quetzal Coatl ( Riyo Sensei Version)'. The flying body attack is bursting with a pretty evil expression.

8-24-01 '

Astorfo ' found in 'Grisly Panda '

The two-color uniforms are shown in the coloring sample, and it

feels quite irritating .

At the same booth, '

Fate / stay night Ilya-chan and Asobo ☆ ' & ' Fate / Grand Order Chloe-chan and Asobo ☆ '


Maid Jeanne d'Arc '


Altria Pendragon (Alta) '

'Jeanne &

Jeanne (Orta) '

'Jacque the Ripper' 10,000 yen found in 5-28-13 '

San Hula'. The prototype work is Sanfuwaa.

'Jannu Horta (swimsuit ver)' 12,000 yen found at the same booth. The prototype work is Sanfuwaa.

'Mysterious Heroine XX' 12,000 yen. The prototype work is Sanfuwaa.

'Abigail (British Revelation ver)' & 'Lavinia Waitley'. The prototype work was San Furawa, and each was sold for 8,000 yen.

Abigail with balloons of Fou-kun & Nito Chris. Abigail was also a British Reiban version.

Lavinia has an original arrangement.

5-31-19 '

Abigail Williams swimwear ver. ' 1/8 scale found at 'Yawn rabbits' 9000 yen. Mr. Hyakubo is in charge of prototyping.

Cute with frilled frills and ice

5-34-02 'BB Mash' 9,000 yen found in '

Usa P House '.

A shirt wearing the second stage costume of Swimsuit BB that appeared at the 2018 summer event. As a painting example, small devil egg skin version and ...

The wheat skin version was reproduced.

'Janneu Bunny' exhibited different samples of coloring. The selling price is 9300 yen.

'Jannu Horta Bunny' 9000 yen

'Jannu Horta Swimwear' 9000 yen


Kiwado posing

'Ishtar / Erechikgal Bunny Girl Compatikit' turns into Erechikgal when you make it to blond, and to Ischtal when you make it as dark hair. The selling price is 9200 yen.

5-36-12 '

Epoxy parfait ' ' I understand in the cartoon! Fate / Grand Order ' from the Saber


Da Vinci

Four bodies of Nito Chris appear. Mr.

Watanabe is in charge of all the prototyping for 2000 yen each.

It is only for the exhibition, but I also found 'British Requisition: Katsushika Hokusai'. Katsushika Hokusai also had many British spirit travel edition. The prototyping is a

dog .

5-26-06 'Ami Rat' discover resale 1/7 scale 'Kotomine Kirin'. The prototype is

sachi .

5-37-10 '

Bimoku Beautiful found in the' ' front of the Tamamo '

There is a mirror for 'rider's makeup in progress' mirror of 5-38-11 '

Freneko meeting place ' Ver. Is 13,000 yen.

No mirror Ver. Was 10,000 yen.

5-26-01 '

T's system ' reselling 1/6 scale 'source Yorimitsu' 16,000 yen

1/6 scale 'in front of Tamamo' resale 15,000 yen

1/6 scale resale 'Nero Claudius' 16,000 yen

1/6 scale 'Astorfo' of resale 12,000 yen

Renewed version

1/6 scale 'Jeanne d'Arc ruler' 15,000 yen

Renewed version

1/6 scale 'Altria Pendragon Lily' 15,000 yen

1/6 scale 'Jeanne d'Arc (Alta) ver 2' 15,000 yen

1/6 scale 'Mash / shield' 11,000 yen. 1/6 scale 'Mash Kirie light' 14,000 yen. Mash itself is resale, and it seems that a special shield is a new work.


1/6 scale 'Jeanne d'Arc (Alta) ver 3' 15,000 yen

New work 1/6 scale 'Soji Okita' 18,000 yen. It is Okita Arata that is a demon man Saver.

5-24-19 'Archer Inferno' found in 'undefined' is an exhibition only.

5-24-17 'Traveling

Katsushika Hokusai' of 1/8 scale found with 'CtrlZ ' . NAYUTA is in charge of prototyping, and the sales price is 12,000 yen.

At the feet too.

5-23-08 '

Ehime Eken' 'Astorfo Kira Kira ☆ Furi' 6000 yen

5-21-01 The love for Elena Bravatsky was exploding in “

SB4 Kurosuzu Minoru”. It seems like Elena Bravatsky for display lying down.

'Elena Bravatsky (China Dress)' 10,000 yen

'Elena Bravatsky (British Redress)' 12,000 yen

'Swimsuit Elena' 15,000 yen

Three kinds of Elena Bravatsky are on sale, and as far as shooting it was only 'SB4 Kurosuzu Minoru' as long as the variation of the same character was abundantly stocked.

5-20-01 '

Katsushika Hokusai Hideo Burijo' 10,000 yen found at the ' convex + concave store '.

5-20-04 '

the workshop was found in the' 'Joan of Arc (Fate)' exhibition only.

It is a great achievement that makes you want to look at a colored version with a slick look.

'Source Yorimitsu' 10,000 yen

If you have used the source Yorimitsu at FGO, you should know 'that moment'.

'Nito Chris' 8000 yen found in 5-20-07 '

enlarged view '

5-16-04 '

Remongumi general dealer, who came all the way from found in the' China. 'Okita & Nob Set' The prototype is Mr. Lightning Europe, and Mr. Hiro is in charge of coloring the sample. The price is 7,000 yen.

'Ishtar & Passion lip set' The original model is Seavten, and the sample is colored by Aow. The price is 8000 yen.

5-16-16 '

Yakurado ' encounters 'Sakura Saber'. The selling price is 9,000 yen.

The unpainted version was also on display.

'Source Yorimitsu [Bunny Girl Arrange]' 11,000 yen

4-16-02 Discover the

1 / 8th scale 'Swimsuit Jeanne Horta' in ' Kagutsuchino Principality of Dreams ' . The prototype is Mr. Atsushi Toda.

Dynamic pose

1/7 scale ' Swimsuit Nero ' 13,000 yen. The prototype is Mr. Atsushi Toda.

1/8 scale 'Shinjuku Hen Jeanne Horta' 8000 yen. The prototype is Mr. Atsushi Toda.

1/8 scale 'Melt Lilith' 10,000 yen. The prototype is Mr. Atsushi Toda.

4-17-14 '

Tedoradon ' encounters 'Casters of the Nightless Castle'. 4000 yen.

4-25-17 'ideal dystopia' found resale 'Konnu Dangerous Beast ver' 15,000 yen. Mr.

Nori is working on prototyping.


Sakurai is the original creator of 'Yorimitsu Source: Volleyball Uniform ver'.

It is a gentle expression like a mother.

We also found '

Sakai Doko-Nii ni ver ' , a three-dimensional illustration of the concept costume. Mr. Sakurai is also here for prototyping.

Mr. Sakurai is also in charge of prototyping for “

Archite Busty ver in Shinjuku ”.

4-25-05 '

craft-like from the' only exhibition 'Altria Orta swimsuit ver'

Jeanne Alter (Swimsuit ver) ¥ 8000 yen

Resale 'Ereshi Kigal' 10,000 yen

4-21-02 'Kokeshi sake bowl & Tochigi chan' 5000 yen found at '

Plant Girl's Garden '.

From 4-21-04 '

play and play ' 'Scasaha / Bunny' 8000 yen

4-22-10 '

lamprey ' black beard Ruruhawa 'from' 3500 yen

4-22-11 '

Mystt ' to ' Saicide Stone' 2000 yen. It is said that the killing stone is said to have changed in front of the Tamamo. .

The 'cylindrical seal' that 'you might be able to connect with the king of Urk' was sold for 3,000 yen.

'Dumji' 6000 yen, 'Zerko (Large)' 10,000 yen, 'Zerko (Small)' 3000 yen, 'Santa Prescott Set of the World' 2000 yen that appeared in the 2017 Christmas event 'Merry Christmas in the world'

4-26-11 '

work the room ' Hokusai-chan '6000 yen than'. The prototype is Mr. noi.

4-31-11 '

MIDORO ' 'Vlad III bust' with an overwhelming presence 12,000 yen

4-31-16 '

Mounting of mountain' found at ' pan pan ' 27,000 yen

A sharp eye shines physically.

4-33-01 '

Sakaki Workshops ' to ' British Revelation Abigail ' 15,000 yen. The prototype work is Akira Amamiya .

A bandage is attached to the batten on the forehead.

7-19-01 'The Caster of the Night Castle' from the Scarlet Tundra Company 8000 yen

7-44-03 '

Papto Digital' ' British Resurrection : Abigail Williams ' 15,000 yen

7-01-02 '

Swimsuit BB-chan ' discovered at ' Heartstrings ' 16,000 yen

7-06-01 'Abigail' found in '

GS Project ' is the one that SHIKI was in charge of prototyping. There was no sale, only the display.

'Swimsuit BB' of 1/6 scale from 7-24-02 ' sulfur spring ' 13,000 yen

6-26-16 '

mu ' to 'nitocris' 5000 yen. Mr. Shomei is in charge of prototyping, and Mr. Dai Watanabe is in charge of coloring the samples.

At the general booth, I also saw the superb quality of Okada Josui and swimsuit Jeanne d'Arc.

Fate / Grand Order is a beautiful and beautiful three-dimensional masterpiece from the bottom of the moon-GIGAZINE

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