Various friends such as Sael-chan & Bag-chan, PPP, Arai-san & Feneck appear in cute and cute appearance in one fest 2019 [winter]

Serials and idle units / PPP (Peppu), raccoons and fenecks of " Kemono Friends Project " that is developing games, comics, events, etc. including animation " Kumono Friends 2 " broadcasted from January 2019 Popular characters such as Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] general dealer were variously three-dimensional.

The most popular thing was the serverle which was also a big success in the first stage of animation. 5-14-20 " Tomorrow will try my best " "Serle chan" (4000 yen)

In the figure as he is climbing a tree, it is something like a doya face.

6-11-20 "Seru-chan" (3000 yen) of "Shikwasa Tart " had a gentle expression that can not be read, which is often seen in the first period's serverle.

Show pose as if you are stunned 5-31-18 Seru of " Kurokoma hut "

4-27-15 " GeForce " had a main character, a bag & chan and a serverle.

This is Mr. Jaguar (molding: GeForce)

In addition, Mr. Hashibiroko (molding: Geforce)

5 - 30 - 05 " NIGHT - BLUE " also has three friends. Raccoon who seems to be happy to wear a hat (3500 yen / production: aoi (NIGHT-BLUE))

Lion playing with the ball (3500 yen / production: aoi (NIGHT-BLUE))

Jaguar who decides to pose on the left hand (3500 yen / production: aoi (NIGHT-BLUE))

6-10-02 Panasonic Chameleon (6500 yen) in " OSCDFIG ". I have an uneasy expression.

6-11-02 In " CARREY ", four of PPP (Peapap) gathered. King penguin (8000 yen)

Humboldt penguin (8000 yen), emperor penguin (8000 yen), Gentoo penguin (8000 yen)

Humboldt penguin is leaning a little to the left

Spoofing Penguin is a spoofing pose

Gentoo penguin poses standing with his feet crossed

6-15-15 " JAMMING-OFF PLUS " Emperor penguin (9000 yen / prototype creation: Shouma)

Here the tip of the left hand is facing outside, I feel confident and full of atmosphere.

8-28-07 " Akimikan " Brown bear (2000 yen / prototype production: cat oranges). It is cute and deformed.

8-29-05 " Whoopie pie " Kinshiko (4000 yen / prototype production: hone)

4-21-14 " Black Kazushi " Toki (4000 yen). Eyelash is reproduced as patchy.

6-05-10 In " Osiris Dairy ", Alpaca · Sri Soldo was selling Bamari. Two sets are 300 yen, 3 piece set is 450 yen.

5-28-10 " Tsuchiichi Kobo " includes a moon viewing alpaca · sri (exhibition)

Arashi and the trash can (3000 yen). It is made of pottery and rejoiced to Mr. Arai who smiled gently.

5-34-04 " Tomiya " Mr. Mr. Arry created "Mr. Arai" and "Mr. Fennec".

From the crisp eyebrows, I feel confident without Mr. Arai's grounds.

Fennec watching over such Arai.

© Kemono Friends Project

Next time I would like to seek Karakal and Kyuru.

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