Netflix has removed a total of 9 works from distribution titles according to government applications


Netflix, a streaming giant, was reported to have removed a total of nine titles from distribution titles at the request of governments during the period from 2015 to February 2020. Some of the deleted works are well-known works in Japan, such as ' Night of the Living Dead ' and ' Full Metal Jacket '.

Netflix has removed nine titles from its service to comply with government requests-The Verge

Netflix commented in a newly released (PDF file)

EnvironmentalSocial Governance Report that 'in some cases, government removal requests have forced certain countries to remove certain titles or episodes.' During the period from 2015 to February 2020, nine works and episodes have been removed from distribution titles in certain countries.

Netflix actually canceled distribution at the request of the government for the following nine works.

◆ 1: In 2015, the documentary film “ Bridge ”, which captures a person who commits suicide by pointing a camera at Golden Gate Bridge , a famous suicide spot, was removed from the distribution title of New Zealand.

◆ 2: In 2017, the movie “Full Metal Jacket” about the Vietnam War was deleted from the distribution titles in Vietnam.



◆ 3: In 2017, at the request of Germany, the horror movie “Night of the Living Dead”, a monumental work of zombie movies, was deleted.

◆ 4 ・ 5 ・ 6: In 2018, cannabis-related comedies and documentary programs such as “ Cooking High: Marijuana Cooking Showdown ”, “ The Legend of 420 ” and “ High Life ” were removed from distribution titles in Singapore.



◆ 7: In 2019, the episode of “Saudi Arabia” in the comedy talk show “ Hassan Minhaj: Speaking as a Patriot ” was removed from the distribution titles in Saudi Arabia.

◆ 8: In 2019, Martin Scorsese 's controversial portrayal of Jesus Christ's distress, “The Last Temptation, ” has been removed from the Singapore title.

◆ 9: In 2020, the comedy “ The Last Hangover ” on the theme of Jesus Christ's Last Supper was removed from the distribution titles in Singapore.

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A Netflix representative told The Verge that removing the work would require valid legal documentation from the government, and added that it would basically be refunded upon request. . For example, in recent years Brazil has been requesting that the ' First Temptation of Christ ' be unsubscribed , but Netflix has appealed and ultimately won .

On the other hand, when Netflix removed the episode of `` Saudi Arabia '' from `` Hassan Minhaj: Patriotism in 2019 '' in 2019, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, `` We are doing business by truth. We're not an entertainment company, we're an entertainment company. '

According to Netflix's report, one of the appeals of Netflix is that it can 'provide works to global audiences', and is striving to maintain distribution titles in all countries. However, he acknowledges that sometimes the title of the work has to be deleted in order to continue operating in a particular country. Nevertheless, Netflix has decided to upload the entire episode to YouTube for people living in Saudi Arabia after the episode of 'Saudi Arabia' was removed from 'Hassan Minhaj: Speaking as a Patriot'.

Saudi Arabia | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix-YouTube

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