A new 'Strider' (Kyodai Max no Suga) appears in the Max Raid battle of 'Pokemon Sword Shield'

The “ Pokémon Sword Shield ” released in November 2019 is a popular title whose cumulative sales have reached 16.06 million units according to the

reference materials for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31 , 2020 . It has become clear that a new ' Strinder ' will appear in the Max Raid battle of Pokémon Sword Shield.

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For a limited time only, from February 7 (Fri) 2020 to March 9 (Mon) 8:59, `` Strinder (Kyodai Max no Suga) '' will be available in the Max Raid Battle of Pokémon Sword Shield. Appearance. The following movie introduces the stringer (Kyodai Max no Suga).

[Official] 'Pokémon Sword Shield' NEWS # 07 Kindergarten's Kyodai Max-YouTube

The Punk Pokémon stringer has a high shape…

There are two types of

raw eggplant . Both types are 'Denki' and 'Doku'.

Dynamic and aggressive highs and static and provocative lows.

After these two types of stringers have been hit by Kyodai Max, they will appear on Sword Shield for a limited time.

Kyodai Max's Suga's stringer looks like a combination of a high egg and a low egg.

'Kyodai Maxen' is an electric type 'Kyodai Kanden'.

Shake a guitar shaped by electric guitar ...

Make a powerful blow.

In addition to damage, the effect of making the opponent's Pokémon 'dumb' or 'paralyze' will occur.

The appearance period is approximately one month from February 7, 2020 (Fri) to March 9, 2020 (Mon).

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