It turns out that `` exercise feels easy '' when exercising while listening to music with fast tempo



It has been found that when exercising while listening to high- tempo music, the exercise itself is difficult to feel.

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High-Tempo Music Can Enhance Performance During Exercise, Study Suggests

A joint research team from the University of Split in Croatia, the University of Milan in Italy, the University of eCampus, and the University of Verona provided 19 women with an average age of 26.4 years with low-tempo songs from 90 bpm to 110 bpm , middle-tempo songs from 130 bpm to 150 bpm, We conducted an experiment in which people were exercising while listening to high-tempo songs from 170 bpm to 190 bpm. The subjects asked perform the movement while each listen to different songs tempo, during exercise after exercise heart rate of the exercise is subject itself to evaluate subjectively (PDF file) subjective exercise intensity measure (RPE) Did. In addition, as a control group , they also exercised without music, and their heart rate and RPE were measured.

As a result of the experiment, it was found that when exercising while listening to high-tempo music, the heart rate was higher and the RPE was lower than when there was no music. The results show that it is difficult to feel the pain of exercise when exercising while listening to high-tempo music. Researchers have stated that listening to high-tempo songs while exercising may help improve physical fitness, as higher heart rates during exercise can help increase physical fitness. We also found that low-intensity exercise (walking) was more effective in music than high-intensity exercise ( leg press ).



'I would like to study the effects of music genres, melodies, lyrics and other factors on exercise in the future,' said Professor Luca P. Ardigò of the research team.

On the other hand, Science Media's Science Alert, which reported this study, points out that the subjects are limited to women of a specific age group and the number is small, so experiments should be repeated with a wider variety of subjects. .

In 2019, a Canadian research team also announced research on a theme similar to this research. At that time, research showed that 'exercising while listening to high-tempo songs can keep high-intensity exercise for a long time,' but this study also had a fairly small number of 16 subjects.

High tempo music prolongs high intensity exercise

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