117 new emoji characters such as ninja and tapioca milk tea will be added in Unicode 13.0.0

With the release of

Unicode 13.0.0 , the industry standard for character codes, on March 10, 2020, the Unicode Consortium, the organization that created the Unicode, has pre-released pictographs that will be added from Unicode 13.0.0. Of the 117 emoticons released, 62 are newly designed emojis, and the remaining 55 are gender and skin color differences added to existing emojis.

The Unicode Blog: Unicode Emoji 13.0 — Now final for 2020

117 New Emojis In Final List For 2020

You can see the emoticons newly added from Unicode 13.0.0 by looking at the following movie.

???? First Look: All 117 New Emojis for 2020-YouTube

Smile that sheds tears

Face in disguise

Finger to pinch something

Hugging person


In the Tuxedo, male emoticons (right end) are already registered, but new female and

X-gender emoticons have been added.

Veilers have previously registered female emoticons (far left), but new gender and male emoticons have been added.

The emoticon of the person who gives milk to the baby is

suggested by Google (PDF file) .

X-gender wearing Santa Claus hat

Real heart and lungs

Houseplant and black cat

Beaver and polar bear

Bison and mammoth

Dodo and bird feather

Sea otter and scarab

Cockroaches and flies

Earthworms, rocks and logs

Blueberries and olives

Bell pepper and


Tamar and fondue

Tapioca milk tea and teapot


pick-up truck

Roller skates

Magic sticks and


Matryoshka doll and sewing needle

Knots and flip flops

Military helmet and accordion

Drums and gold coins

Boomerang and single-edged saw

Screwdriver and hook

Ladder and mirror

Windows and rubber cups

Mousetrap and bucket

Toothbrush and placard


Icon indicating elevator

The transgender symbol flag and symbol were added due to a (PDF file)

proposal from Google and Microsoft.

Unicode 13.0.0 will be released on March 10, 2020, but emoticons were released earlier than that, it will take time for each OS vendor to prepare Unicode compatible emoticons For. The Unicode Consortium states that these emojis will probably be available on smartphones from September to October 2020.

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