People who panic when Google Drive goes down and `` can not work '' continue

It turned out that Google Drive and Google Docs were down on January 27, 2020 Pacific Time. In both cases, restoration has already begun, but many areas, mainly the United States, have been affected, and it has been a situation of shouting.

G Suite Status Dashboard

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Google Docs went down and everyone panicked

This is the error screen displayed to the person who accessed Google Docs. 'Please refresh the page or go back a few minutes later,' but it seems that following the instructions did not solve the problem.

Because many people use Google Drive and Google Docs for work, in response to this situation, there were many reports on SNS such as Twitter that 'it will not be work'.

'Everyone with Google Docs down at work'

'Remote workers when Google Drive goes down'

According to Downdetector , the Google Drive issue was confirmed at 9:40 am Pacific Time on January 27, 2020. At 10:30, the G Suite dashboard indicated that there were problems with Google Drive and Google Docs, as well as Google Sheets and Google Slides.

App downs have been observed in a wide range of North America, including California, New York, western Texas, and Washington, but some people have been reported unaffected in that area.

In addition, a problem was also reported on Gmail on January 26, but it is seen at the time of article creation that this is not related to the problem of G Suite.

At 12:43, Google Support stated, 'Some users' Google Drive services have been restored and are expected to be resolved for all users in the next hour. This time is an estimate and will change Note that there is a possibility. ' At 12:46, three minutes later, Google said, 'I need to solve the problem with Google Drive. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience and continued support.' Displayed on the status dashboard.

According to the Downdetector map, no problem seems to occur in Japan.

Google Drive outage map Downdetector

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