'Photo of the back of the moon' taken by the spacecraft 'Chang'e 4' and the lunar rover 'Tama Rabbit 2', which are active on the back side of the moon, are now on sale

The unmanned spacecraft

Chang'e-4 launched by China in 2018 and the lunar rover Yugo-2 are still active as of January 2020, more than a year after landing. A large number of photos taken on the other side of the moon have been released.

Chang'e 4 scientific data is released

China releases huge batch of amazing Chang'e-4 images from moon's far side | Space

Chang'e 4 Team Just Released Beyond Amazing New Pics of Our Moon's Far Side

On January 3, 2019, it was reported that Chang'e-4, an unmanned spacecraft launched by China, landed on the Aitken basin in Antarctica, the backside of the moon as viewed from Earth. This was the world's first successful landing on the back of the moon.

China's unmanned spacecraft `` Chang'e 4 '' landed on the back of the moon for the first time in the world-gigazine

Because it is difficult for the Earth to directly communicate with Chang'e 4 on the other side of the moon, communication with Chang'e 4 is carried out via a relay satellite called Magagi Bridge, which stays at the Lagrangian point between the Moon and Earth.

In the moon, one cycle of morning and night is equivalent to 29 days of the earth, after `` daytime '' where the sun shines for about two weeks continuously, `` night '' where the sunshine does not reach for almost two weeks Will come. For this reason, Chang'e-4 and Yuto-2, which operate using solar energy, have been operating for two consecutive weeks and then turning off for two consecutive weeks.

Finally, on January 3, 2020, the 'backside of the moon', which Change 4 and Yuto 2 have been taking for a year, has been released by China. The released image data includes high-resolution images taken by the landing camera and terrain camera of Chang'e-4 and the panoramic camera of Yugo-2.

Doug Ellison , NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, head of the engineering camera team for the Mars rover Curiosity, has downloaded a series of data and published the processed images on Twitter. This is the photo of Chang'e 4 actually released by Ellison.

Also, photos that clearly show the unevenness of the moon and ...

360 degree panoramic photo

A photo that shows crater-like marks

A variety of photos were released, including photos that clearly show the traces of Yugo No. 2 running.

By the time the article was written, Tamagi 2 had traveled around the von Kalman crater , located inside the Aitken basin, Antarctica, for approximately 350 meters, winding. The photos taken by Chang'e 4 and Yugo 2 are very important in investigating the backside of the moon, which was barely known until now.

The lunar images taken by Chang'e 4 and Yugo 2 can be downloaded from the official homepage, published in the image folder posted to the image sharing service SmugMug by Ellison, or published by Twitter user Techniques Spatiales . It is possible to see processed images in the image folder of Google Drive .

China plans to launch Chang'e-5 in late 2020. Instead of going to the back of the moon, Chang'e-5 plans to take a sample from the surface of the moon and take it back to Earth for research. If Chang'e 5 succeeds in the mission, it will be the first sample collected since the Soviet Union launched Luna 24 in 1976.

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