[Old news] Terry Jones dies from legendary comedy group 'Monty Python' known for numerous masterpieces such as 'Spam'

by Eduardo Unda-Sanzana

Terry Jones, a member of the legendary comedy group `` Monty Python '' in the UK, which has gained worldwide popularity with extreme jokes and surreal contests, and also the name of the programming language `` Python '', is 2020 Died on January 21st, 2010. 77 years old.

Terry Jones, Monty Python founder and Life of Brian director, dies aged 77 | Film | The Guardian

Jones was born in northern Wales in 1942. Later, he spent his teens in Surrey , near London, due to his father who was a banker. Later, Jones went on to prestigious Oxford University, studying English and history, and was a comedy actor in a comedy circle. At this time, I meet Michael Palin , a member of the same Monty Python.

Jones graduated from college with excellent grades, living a pair of comedians on television comedy shows and a broadcast writer writing a cont script. Among them, he met Graham Chapman and John Cleese , Eric Idol , and animator Terry Gilliam , who were active in the prestigious Cambridge comedy circle, and a television program created by the six people `` Mony Python's Flying Circus ( Flying Monty Python ) '. From the name of the program, the six became known as a group called 'Monty Python'.

`` Flying Monty Python '' aired on the British public broadcaster BBC is popular for extreme jokes that make the laughter even lower stuff, unscrupulous laughter, surreal sketches (conte), even the British royal family Won. In particular, it has been said to have had a significant impact on the hacker culture of later years, such as becoming the root of programming language Python and spam mail .

In 'The Flying Monty Python,' Jones played a wide variety of roles, from gentle gentlemen to shouting aunts. In the sketch “Spam,” the etymology of spam emails, Jones played a canteen waitress who spit spam.

Also, in the program, you can play naked characters. In particular, the 'Nude Playing Organ' who appeared in the opening of the third series of 'Flying Monty Python' is popular as a famous character.

In addition, Jones not only plays, but also acts as a film director. `` Monty Python and Holy Grail, '' a parody of King Arthur's legend, is the first film that Mr. Jones seized as a director with a megaphone, utilizing his knowledge of medieval English history learned at Oxford University, It is described as 'the most historically documented film based on the legend of King Arthur'.

'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' 40th Anniversary Official Trailer-YouTube

Also, in the movie `` Life of Brian '' released in 1979, by treating Jesus Christ as a subject, director Jones and other Monty Pythons from Christian organizations around the world `` blind God. Yes '. Some have reported that municipalities that have banned the 'Life of Bryan' have also appeared.

Brian Telling His Followers He Is Not the Messiah-Monty Python's Life of Brian-YouTube

When Graham Chapman died in 1989 and Monty Python ceased to work as a group, Mr. Jones was writing a script and acting as a film director, studying medieval English history while studying at college. He continued his career as a historian. He also published works as a fairy tale writer.

However, since being reported in 2016 that 'Jones is suffering from progressive aphasia due to frontotemporal dementia,' the chances of his appearance on the front stage have declined dramatically. In 2017, Palin, who was a longtime friend, said, 'Jones can hardly speak anymore.' Jones died on January 21, 2020, with no specific cause of death disclosed.

'I've just heard about Terry Jones right now. It's strange that such a talented, endless zealous man disappears so calmly,' said Monty Python member and actor Klees. The best gift I've ever had for me was to be the director of Life of Bryan: it was perfect, two hits, four left. '

Also on Twitter, Idol, a member of Mondi Python, said on Twitter, 'Thank you for your support and feedback on my beloved brother Terry. It's very cruel and sad. Let's immerse yourself in the memories that pleased them. '

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