'Sword stuck in a rock' actually exists in Italy

The motif that 'only those with the qualities of a hero can pull this sword out of the rock'

appears in many stories including 'The Legend of King Arthur ', but the 'sword stuck in the rock' that goes to the ground Is extant in the Italian monastery.

Details are below.
Italy's must see sights: The sword of St Galgano and the Gothic abbey of the same name, near the city of Siena.

San Galgano Abbey

This is the Montesi Epi Chapel near St. Gargano Cathedral in Tuscany, Italy.

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ho visto nina volare )

The sword is in the chapel, protected by an acrylic cover.

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A sword that pierced beautifully.

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It is said that this sword was driven into a rock by a man named Gargano Guidotti, who was born as the son of a nobleman in the Siena region and is said to be a brave knight.

Legend has it that when he fell one day, Gargano received a revelation from Archangel Michael , 'Abandon your desires.' He repelled, 'It's as difficult as thrusting a sword into a rock,' and when he actually tried to thrust a sword into the rock, he said that it was easily stabbed as if the rock had become butter.

Since then, Gargano decided to obey the word of God, built the Montesiepi Oratory in the place where the sword was thrust, spent days of prayer with this sword as a cross, and was preached to the saint by the Pope after death. is.

There is also a legend that anyone who tries to steal this sword will drop his arm, and there is a mummy in the hands of a thief who is said to have been eaten by a wild wolf.

This sword has long been regarded as 'a product that imitates the legend of King Arthur', but a survey by radiocarbon dating in 2001 revealed that it was around 1100-1200 AD. The mummified hands turned out to be of the same age.

It was also found that there was a cavity under the sword. This is believed to be the tomb of St. Gargano, and investigations are still ongoing.

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