PS3 body that has become like an object with various decorations applied

There are various items to dress up game machine main body such as decoration seal and face plate, but there seems to be several PS 3 bodies that are like objects as decorated with various kinds of decoration at the market level .

Details are as below.
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Tuna 'Assassin's CreedDesign PS3.

PS 3 of an organic atmosphere decorated with the movie "Alien".

Las Vegas will be the stage "Rainbow Six Vegas"PS3.

The smell of smoke appears to drift "FAR CRYDesign PS3.

This is pretty simple, PS 3 with Blu-ray design included. Somehow it is coloring that reminds PS2.

Everybody has the basic shape as it is, so even people who saw it for the first time are immediately able to know where to insert the software. There seems to be problems such as durability, but it is a design that everyone would like to decorate in a prominent place.

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