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'Log Horizon Round Table Collapse, ' a new sequel to the anime 'Log Horizon' for the first time in five years, is scheduled to be broadcast from October 2020.

New sequel after 5 years! 'Log Horizon Roundtable Collapse' broadcast decision! | NHK Anime World

'Log Horizon' is a novel written by Mama Tono, also known as ' Maou Yuu Maou Hero ', and the original is 11 volumes already published. The first series of TV anime was broadcasted from October 2013 to March 2014, and the second series was broadcasted from October 2014 to March 2015.

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`` The Recording Studio '' that transcribes the voice recorded from the microphone on Google Chrome into characters in real time-gigazine

Supporting the accuracy and reliability of the Japanese railway system is `` pointing confirmation ''-gigazine

The existence of birds hunting using fire is confirmed-gigazine

`` It is better not to have an excessive consciousness to impress '', an interview with director Matsuoka Kenji of the movie `` Late Night Cafeteria ''-GIGAZINE

What is the 'why WikiLeaks was made' revealed by the founder of WikiLeaks? -GIGAZINE

Research found that classroom environment design affects children's learning rate by as much as 25%-gigazine

It would be great if you watch soccer in a country where a 'soccer war' occurred once-gigazine

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Shopping bags that can be decomposed even in the sea More than 90% to water and carbon dioxide in half a year | NHK News

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Cherry blossom viewing meeting 'Discarded' material, found Kan clearly revealed: Asahi Shimbun Digital

175 hours of overtime work looking for lost rifle SDF commits suicide, sues parents for 'depression due to overwork' | Society | Local news | Kyoto Shimbun

Bureaucrat gets angry at the meeting to see the cherry blossoms is 'lizard's tail cut': Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Chinese are not allowed to enter the store' because of new pneumonia Hakone candy store: Asahi Shimbun Digital

`` Cherry viewing party '' Cabinet Office data that should have been discarded Announced the number of invitees from 2014 to 19-Mainichi Newspaper

Liberal Democratic People, Nika, on the Management of a List Not Responsible to Politicians

German prosecutor seeks home from Mitsubishi suspects of diesel fraud (Photo = Reuters): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Explanations of members running away one after another ... Prime Minister explains 'I will not refuse' Secretary Kan Kan affirms-Mainichi Newspaper

Australian women suffered sexual violence from U.S. soldiers requesting revision of Japan-US status agreement to Prime Minister Abe-Mainichi Shimbun

Arrested man for sexual assault or letting women meet sleeping pills in 'daddy' | NHK News

'Reiwa's Cat's Eye' Two Women Host Stealing Repeatedly | NHK News

World's richest 2100 people with more than 4.6 billion assets | NHK News

Suspicion of a bicycle `` foreseeing '' to a man in a schoolgirl death accident Tokushima District Court-Mainichi Newspaper

Tama city monorail extension Basic design in the new fiscal year Tokyo | NHK News

Elementary school teacher arrested child pornography charges | NHK Ehime News

Prime Minister, `` Sakura '' disposal log is not disclosed, `` If you clarify the content, it will promote unauthorized intrusion ''-Mainichi Newspaper

Submarine crew hires women for the first time due to shortage of crew | NHK News

Funding source for acquisition? Mr. and Mrs. Kawai obtained 'Deposit and withdrawal record' of 150 million yen in 'election fund' | Bunshun Online

False reservation at luxury hotel, T-point illegal acquisition or mother and child arrested on charges, misuse of lodging site | Society | Local news | Kyoto Shimbun

Toshiba Machine's work, Murakami Yoshiaki parent and child and former Murakami fund affiliates sell-through casebook is a masterpiece: Market situation Kabu full power two stories

Man injured with four dead bodies in park car 'I stabbed'? | NHK News

The financial market is about to collapse as well as a 'mouse lecture'-Guggenheim-Bloomberg

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The old newspaper that came out with garbage is too old and may be valuable on the contrary, `` All the top articles are only serious news of the year '' `` It is ridiculous to make it garbage ''-Togetter

The culprit is the industrial revolution ...? It is interesting to comment on the history of the loss of “Food culture that existed until the middle of the 18th century” in the UK famous for Mesimazu-Togetter

My first boyfriend in my life-summer, again.

Must read St. Marianna University School of Medicine's Third Party Committee Survey Report, which recognizes 'uniform discriminatory treatment' of women and ronins in medical school entrance examinations. Hikiko's mother-in-law diary

`` I could not borrow everyone '' Elementary school library that can be borrowed only once a week If there is a student who forgot to return even one, questioning the system that everyone can not borrow with solidarity responsibility-Togetter

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | General | What to do with specialized books donated by university ... 250,000 books asleep

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If you want only the execution time with psql of PostgreSQL-Something Life

[Original] Mitsubishi Electric, attack from multiple Chinese hacker groups: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Press Release: (Notice) Cooperation for Japanese Development of 'Otter' Service for Transcription of English Conversation in Real Time | News | NTT DOCOMO

Google developers blog: bring unobtrusive notification permission UI to Chrome

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New sequel after 5 years! 'Log Horizon Roundtable Collapse' broadcast decision! | NHK Anime World

Animation 'Log Horizon Round Table Collapse'
Start broadcasting this October at E-Tele!

Draw the bonds and adventures of young people trapped in the online game world,
Anime `` Log Horizon '' attracted hot support from a wide range of generations
A new series for the first time in 5 years!

'The magical battle' TV animation decision promotion video

Hiroaka Cultural Festival Edition PV (1/25 (Sat) start) / 'My Hero Academia' TV Animation 4th PV 6th / OP theme: 'Star Marker' KANA-BOON

#Toonme Makes your face that is popular among overseas painters half-illustrated. -Togetter

Things to think about the 1 hour regulation | Takahashi Meito Official Blog 'Tweet of 16 Fires' Powered by Ameba

To everyone | Kazuhiro Yamaji Official Blog '108' Powered by Ameba

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'Virgin. Tetsuaki Matsue | Director, Tetsuaki Matsue | note

Saitama International Marathon Kotoshi held off | NHK News

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'Yamagata Potato Curry Udon' Starts Sale at 7 Stores in Yamagata Prefecture from Tuesday, February 4 | Hanamaru Udon

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