I tried to master Python with a `` code chronicle '' that allows even inexperienced people to learn programming just by playing free RPG

Just by playing RPG that can be played free and crispy, ' Code Chronicle ' that can master programming languages such as

PHP , Ruby , Python naturally has started service from January 14, 2020. Because it is said that browser games that can be played for free can learn practical coding simply by playing crisply easily, editorial staff with no knowledge of programming languages tried programming.

Code Chronicle | A game where you can learn programming like RPG

◆ Registration
To play, first go to the official website and click on 'Registration Free GAME START'.

After entering the 'e-mail address' and 'password' used for user registration, click 'I agree to the terms and register (free)'.

Enter the “year of birth”, “employment status”, “main field of experience”, “main language used”, and “willingness to change jobs”. If you do not want to disclose the code you wrote during the learning process to the company, uncheck 'Disclose the submission code anonymously to the company' and click 'I agree to the terms and register (free)'.

When this screen is displayed, the email for the official registration has arrived at the email address used for registration ...

Click the URL described in the email.

Then, this screen is displayed, so click 'GAME START'.

Decide the nickname to be displayed in the rankings in the game, etc. and click 'Register nickname'. Now you are ready to start the game.

◆ Opening-Tutorial
Click 'GAME START' to start the game.

First, the opening. Click in the screen or press the 'Enter' key to proceed. You can also fast-forward by pressing the 'Ctrl' key.

On the stage of this game 'Piza', everyone is learning programming as magic.

This is the main character of this game, Elena.

The one who talked to Elena ...

Elena's friend Ricardo.

The story of the game begins where Elena is challenged by her father, the King.

The king's trial is to get the royal treasure.

With the creature porta like a cat ...

Your adventure begins with your non-obedient friend Ricardo.

It seems that my friends are not alone.

Select one of the three companion characters to take. These characters have a chance to become friends later in the game, so select your favorite character and OK. This time I chose the 'minor' in the middle.

Click “OK”.

Training started as a tutorial before we set out on an adventure.

This is 'My Page' which is the top screen of the game.

Click “Search” according to the instructions ...

Moves to the programming language selection screen for playing the game.

Code Chronicle allows you to learn three programming languages: PHP, Ruby, and Python. Whichever you choose, the story is the same. Here, PHP can be selected, so click 'Programming with PHP'.

Then, it moved to the stage selection screen. Since only one stage can be selected at the beginning, click the red frame to start the stage.

The stages are further subdivided into quests.

Click on the first quest in the red box to start programming.

This is the screen where you write code and program.

Each quest will have a variety of topics in the comments.

This time it's a tutorial, so it's already entered ...

Click the 'I'm done!' Button or press the 'Ctrl + Enter' key.

With the correct answer, I was able to complete the quest. In this way, the basic flow of this game is to clear various subjects in quest format and acquire the knowledge necessary for programming.

If you make a mistake and the program emits an error, the 'magic' in the upper right will be reduced. If you miss 4 times, your quest will fail.

This concludes the training. I will play the game at once.

◆ Play the main game
This is 'My Page' which is the start screen of this game. Click 'Gacha' at the top or near the center of the screen.

In the gacha, you can get fellow characters that exert various effects during the quest. To play gacha, you need 'coins' or 'diamonds' that can be obtained by advancing the game. First, click on the gacha that can be played by consuming diamonds.

Click the 'Turn Gacha' button.

Then, I was able to get the same 'minor' as the character I chose first. The fellow character has skills such as 'extend combo time' that will extend the grace time of the combo that will increase the score if you succeed in the quest consecutively. You can see the character you got by clicking 'guild'.

The result of turning the gacha as much as I can turn is like this. Click on the character ...

You can see the details of the character. Next, click 'Party Change' to organize the party.

Click 'Replace'.

Then we were able to incorporate it into the party lined up at the bottom of the screen.

Select a character and click 'Appoint as Leader' ...

You have been appointed a leader. The leader activates character-specific skills during the game.

With this feeling, party organization is completed. Click on 'Search' at the top or center of the screen to challenge the quest.

Select a programming language. This time, we selected 'Python', which won first place in the '

Programming Language Rankings Popular with Programmers 2019 '.

Before selecting a stage, click 'Video Learning' to prepare for the lesson.

Then, in an easy-to-understand movie with sound, I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge for the stage.

After learning the basics of Python quickly with a movie of about 3 minutes, click the red frame and select the stage.

Then select a quest.

Before the quest starts, you can choose whether to use items that increase the score. This time, I clicked on an item that would increase my experience and used it, then clicked 'game start' to challenge the quest.

This is the screen of the editor where you write the code and clear the title.

In this quest, we asked you to correct the code that caused the error. Looking at the code, it was 'print (' paiza) 'and I noticed that' '(double quotes) was not enough.

Correct it to 'print (' paiza ')' and click the 'Done!' Button below or press the 'Ctrl + Enter' key ...

A wonderful answer. Click the 'View results' button or press 'Ctrl + Enter' to see the results.

The result looks like this. Press the 'Next button' button to take on the next quest.

Quest to comment out like this ...

Quest to add the specified string to 'print (' ')'

The quest to write code from scratch will be done in order.

When you enter characters, the functions are displayed in a list like this, so there is no problem even if you do not memorize the function.

Click the 'Enlarge' button at the top of the icons on the right to enlarge the text in the editor.

Press the 'Reduce' button below it to reduce the characters.

The background color of the editor can be selected from three colors.

When you finish the stage after clearing crisp and quests, you can see the story.

The story can be played back later, so if you want to go on steadily, click 'Skip' OK.

◆ Summary
Code Chronicles are free and easy to play in the browser, so even those who are new to programming can get started easily and easily. It is kind of a place where there is no music or sound effects, but thanks to that you can play while listening to the commentary movie with sound, so you can learn about programming in the movie and learn the practical skills in the game It has become.

If you log in every day, you can get items like 'Login Bonus' and ...

There are also elements that will keep you motivated, such as `` missions '' to handle various tasks, so you can continue to play steadily every day without being shaved for three days, you can learn programming while having fun The game was finished.

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