Quiz Magic Academy collaborates with "Gurunavi", limited rare items that all participants can get

From April 27 (Tue) - May 23 (Sun) of 2010, Konami's popular online match-up game "Quiz Magic Academy"And the gourmet information site"GourNavi"GourNavi Hood Test" was conducted as a collaboration project, and it was revealed that limited rare items will be distributed to all participants.

In addition, it seems that various benefits, such as a standby image that can be downloaded by participating in the mobile version planning, are prepared. Also, in the upcoming online update, new characters will be added, which will be participating in the middle of the series, and the voice actors responsible for the visuals and character voices became clear.

Details are as below.Quiz Magic Academy Portal Site | Notice of "Quiz Magic Academy" series "GourNavi" Collaboration Campaign

"Gurunavi cock hat" of limited rare item. Hat is a hat of a shape that seems to appear in a picture book etc. with a "Gurunavi" logo.

The acquisition condition is like this.

● Special customization item acquisition conditions ... those who played "GourNavi Food Test" on "Quiz Magic Academy 7" using "e-AMUSEMENT PASS".

● Special customization item acquisition method
· "GourNavi cock hat" ... If you play "GourNavi Hood Test" during ranking period, you can get it on the final result announcement screen of that game.

Another limited rare item is "Gold Knife · Gold Fork".

In order to acquire it is necessary to apply from a personal computer or mobile, it is a little more severe than "GourNavi cook hat".

● Special customization item acquisition conditions ... those who played "GourNavi Food Test" on "Quiz Magic Academy 7" using "e-AMUSEMENT PASS".

· "Gold Knife · Gold Fork" ... If you play "GourNavi Hood Test" during the ranking period and apply from a PC or mobile phone, you can get it on the mode select screen of the next game you played.

Two new characters will be on sale for the first time in the series. This is Maya (CV: Eiichi Kato). It is a serious but lonely personality. By the way, only during the first play after online update, it seems that we can take over the data of "QMA 7" in e-AMUSEMENT PASS and reselect the player character including characters other than "Rick" and "Maya".

Actually using a limited rare item will look like this. It was a simple knife and fork when looked at alone, but it is quite cute as it looks like this.

The second character of the second person is Rick (CV: Satoshi Hino). The personality is serious, it seems that he is doing fighting sports to train the body.

It looks like a gluttonous feeling.

Please be aware that item availability period is only during the period from April 27 (Tuesday) to May 23 (Sun) in 2010. Personally I'm very concerned about what kind of gourmet quizzes are.

In addition, it seems like this will surely get such a standby when you participate in the "GourNavi Cup" held at the mobile website "Quiz Magic Academy mobile 4" (315 yen per month / extra points consumed). The holding period is different from that of the arcade, and the schedule of the event in EZweb seems to be undecided.

● "GourNavi Cup" Holding period
April 27 (Tue) - May 9 (Sun) of 2010
From April 27 (Tue) - May 9 (Sunday), 2010
Coming soon

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