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The first three and a half minutes of the main part of the movie version “Shinkansen Deformation Robo Shinkarion from the Future, Shinwa Speed ALFA-X” that has been released since the end of 2019 has been lifted in Yahoo! Originally 'Shinkarion' is deformed from the 500 series Shinkansen in the main ' Shinkarion 500 TYPE EVA or the advent of' virtual singer Hatsune Miku but collaboration has been achieved in the main part in the or appeared pronunciation Miku that was to model , In the movie version even ' Godzilla ' has appeared.

Departure for the future! Theatrical version 'Shinkarion' The first three and a half minutes video of the main part-trailer / related video-Theatrical version Shinkansen deformation Robo Shinkarion ALFA-X of God speed from the future-Work-Yahoo! Movie

In the trailer, Godzilla was completely concealed, so many people were surprised to see the main part. Whether Godzilla is an enemy or an ally, or why you're in Hokkaido in the first place ... Check out the mystery at the theater.

[Released on December 27, 2019] Theatrical version 'Shinkansen deformation Robo Shinkarion God's speed ALFA-X coming from the future' notice-YouTube

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Miscellaneous notes on the researcher's personal page |

'Tibanian' International Society Names First Registration in Japanese Geologic Formation | NHK News

'Same or more than immediately before the earthquake' on an active fault with an earthquake severity of 31 | NHK News

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Last year suicides fell below 20,000. Least outlook since survey started | NHK News

'Article 9, not fit for the times,' Abe talks to Liberal Democratic Party: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Unknown high school girl protection in Nara, arrested three sisters men and women on suspicion of kidnapping-Mainichi Newspaper

China's population surpasses 1.4 billion for the first time | NHK News

Ikata nuclear power plant, suspension of operation Hiroshima high court temporary disposal District court decision canceled-Mainichi Newspaper

ID and password, 65 million leaked or Ibaraki Prefectural Police, seizure server confirmed-Sankei News

China slows to 6.1% growth in 2019: the lowest level in 29 years: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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Story of Venture Capital Filing Personal Bankruptcy and Paying 40 Million Yen | Yuta Sato | note

128 photographers answered How many millimeters is 'standard lens'? <Dot.> | AERA dot.

What I got stuck when I learned Family Basic: Castle

Exploring Auto Scaling for Amazon ECS Clusters | Amazon Web Services Blog

Windows 10 preview version adds graph creation function to calculator application-PC Watch

Google developers blog: reading AMP for 2019: thanks for a great year

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[Official] ASMR-Bonfire-Charmander's Fireside Slumber with Lizard

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Movie 'Inunaki Village' x Secret Society 'Hawk's Claw Team' Special Collaboration Movie

'Fire Emblem Fuyuki Yukizuki' Additional Content Side Story 'Shouki no Sho'

[Smash Bra SP] Additional Mii Fighter Costume 5th Introduction Video

[Sumabra SP] How to use Beret / Beres

When has the phrase 'or not' been used? -Togetter

The girl who lost his family due to the explosion of a creeper wrote a writer written by a candidate for the Hugo Prize, 'Minecraft Nazono Diary' (3rd official novel)-Tobi's mother-in-law diary

Ask the developer of the masterpiece indie game 'Slay the Spire' to find the balance adjustment. 'How can you adapt to what you are given?' Force players to use once-in-a-lifetime tactics

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Olympic symbol huge monument completed. Arrive at Odaiba, Tokyo | NHK News

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News Release “Two popular“ Menta Mayo Flavors ”appear in winter! ] | Calbee, Inc.

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