It turns out that chicken is more popular than beef, and why?



Taste of meat varies greatly depending on the country or region, that's Japan in the Kanto region is pork, in the Kansai region and the popularity of beef is strong it is said . Beef was once the most popular meat in the carnivorous culture of the United States, but in recent years chicken has exceeded the popularity of beef. Wenceslas Smir, an environmental scientist and policy analyst, explains why chicken has outgrown the popularity of beef.

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According to Smir, beef was once the most consumed meat in the United States. It is said that the annual consumption of beef (without bones) was about 40 kg per person in 1976, accounting for about 50% of the annual consumption of whole meat. In comparison, per capita annual consumption of chicken in the same year was approximately 20% of total meat.

However, American consumption of meat has shifted from beef to chicken, and as a result of increased consumption of boneless breast and chicken nuggets, the annual consumption of chicken per capita as of 2018 is 30 kg. As of 2018, chicken accounts for 36% of the annual consumption of meat per capita, while beef accounts for less than 20%.


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Regarding why Americans began eating chicken instead of beef, it is said that `` Americans came to care about cholesterol and fat content of beef '', but Mr. Smir said, `` Beef lean `` The amount of cholesterol and fat content in 100 grams of chicken breasts (without skin) is almost the same, '' he said.The popularity of chicken overtook beef because `` chicken is more than beef. It's a low price. '

Smil points out that chicken prices are dropping year by year as broiler feed demand , or the amount of food required to produce per kilogram of livestock, is reduced. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture (PDF file) 2017 data shows that broiler feed rates are almost three times better than pigs and almost seven times better than cows.

Breeding has also resulted in broilers growing much faster than pigs and cattle. The broiler feeding period in 1925 was 112 days with an average final body weight of about 1.1 kg, but in 2018 the feeding period was reduced to 47 days and the average body weight increased to about 2.7 kg. Chicken prices have fallen as the technology has dramatically reduced the cost of producing chicken.

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Compared to cows, chickens and pigs, chicken is no longer the most popular, but this is only the story of the United States, and pork is more popular in China and Europe. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization , pork accounts for more than 36% of the world's meat intake, with chicken occupying 35% in second place and beef in 22% in third place, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. And that. 'With the establishment of mass production technology for broilers, poultry will be more popular than pork in China and Europe in 10 to 20 years,' Smir said.

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