Records of words and posters in Hong Kong demonstrations to `` protect freedom ''

The communist government, which is invincible in China, where speech control is not available on Twitter and Facebook, will be criticized in Hong Kong where free information is available. Nevertheless, I did not think that the Chinese government and the CCP have been criticized so far in the Hong Kong demonstrations. A shocking world was spreading.

I felt Hong Kong changed, China changed, the world changed. Although there is some doubt, we report that

Takuya Sudo @ Chariderman, who has traveled around the world by bicycle, has visited Hong Kong including the demonstration site in November 2019. This article highlights the words and posters left by those who support the Hong Kong demonstrations.

◆ Introduction
It began with a draft amendment to the fugitive ordinance, but it is now turning into a democratization demonstration that seeks to meet the 'Five Great Requirements.'

The five demands demanded by protesters are:
1: Complete withdrawal of the amended fugitive bylaw
2: Independent investigative committee set up to crack down on Hong Kong police in anti-demonstration
3: Release of demonstrators
4: Demonstration riot certification canceled
5: Introduction of the universal election system
Five of.

Despite the withdrawal of the draft amendment to the fleeing criminal ordinance, the demonstration has continued without any end to achieve the remaining four due to the 'missing one' (one cannot be yielded). The big swell following the Umbrella Revolution in 2014 was happening in Hong Kong.

The kanji used in Hong Kong is traditional Chinese, but the kanji in the article is in the most understandable form for Japanese. I checked the background as much as I could and included translations as much as I could. However, the information is quite complicated. This article is not absolute. Nevertheless, we hope that writing articles will increase the number of people who look to Hong Kong.

◆ Dapuru Station
Sticky notes and stickers on the walls of the underpass.

Similarly, it continued to the exit of the underpass.

Around the sign

Each sticky note contains the words of each Hong Kong person.

Innocent of the menstruation, legislation impossible. The mask is innocent, the law does not make sense. Protest against the masked ban law, which banned protesters from wearing masks.

Kamen Rider who appeals for innocence. Satire is working.

Atsushi Hayashi, who is not a giant. Lin Zheng is Hong Kong's top secretary-general, Carry Lam.

Simultaneously, everyone will hold up to the end.

Unexpected nuclear bomb, Tokyo undiscounted seat.

Two large single pictures.

A woman standing in a helmet and gas mask. Umbrella on the left.

Death dynasty

Is Hong Kong independent on the ground? Chinese city? Does this mean a turning point during the resend?

◆ Everywhere in Hong Kong
POWER TO PEOPLE, Hong Kong rebellion, student mob, 爸 magga mob.

The two words 'Gwangbok Hong Kong' and 'Era Revolution' seemed to be the slogans of the demonstrators, and they were quite common in the city. Originally, the word

proposed by the candidate of Liangtian in the 2016 election. Liang Tiandi is the main character of the mainland faction who is an anti-China hardliner. However, he was charged with riot as a central member of the 2016 Hong Kong Mong Kok mayhem and is currently in prison.

Gwangbok Hong Kong

Heavenly destruction. All party dies. It seems to be a slogan that the CCP will be destroyed.

Murder regime.

My rebellion, my existence. A word that I think of the philosopher Descartes, and hence imitated me.

President Trumpa & Xi. Let's meet in Hong Kong.

Possessed at least.

Era revolution, Gwangbok Hong Kong. '

Pepe the Frog ' is a popular cartoon character on the Internet and is used as a symbol of demonstrators.

Gwangbok Hong Kong, the age revolution.

A poster stating the Hong Kong Police's seven charges against a series of demonstrations. We hang with seven deadly sins of Christianity (seven religions).

Hong Kong's top secretary-general, Lin Zheng, has been a prisoner.

On November 14, a protest against

a crackdown by the Hong Kong Police on a public housing called Aoi Chungsung.

Inconvenience, instance death. It was a Chinese translation of the saying 'Give freedom, give yourself death (free or death)' during the American Revolutionary War.

A piece of paper covering the entire wall.

Call for 'All the Three Strikes'. Three strikes are strikes by strikes (workers), strikes (merchants), and strikes (students).

CHINANOT ONE LESS. `` C '' implement withdrawal of extradition bill, `` H '' olistic withdrawal of unjust charges, `` I '' independent commission of inquiry, `` N '' o riot labeling, `` A '' uthentic universal suffrage. A mechanism that becomes CHINA if you connect the initials translated into English. The English translation of 'Impossible' (NOT one) is NOT ONE LESS.

Public truth.

A photo of police shooting tear sprays on reporters.

This is also the call of the third strike. The words of revolt, revenge, and reputation from the Hong Kong oil recruitment are getting heavier.

June 15, 2019, against the fugitive offenders ordinance

RyoRyo杰 one when he was up on the scaffolding of the ancient square. Banners are 'We are completely withdrawal, we are in riot, release students are injured, Lin Zheng Shitadai, Help Hong Kong', 'No Extradition To China. Make Love No shoot!' The yellow raincoat says, 'Black police cold blood, Lin Zheng killing port.' At night, as police and fire brigade surround the scene, he leans off the scaffold. The fire brigade grabs his body for a moment, but the T-shirt comes off and he falls to death. The details of the accident or suicide are unknown, but it is said that the will was determined to be death due to the will. The yellow raincoat seen in the Hong Kong demonstration meant him.

Here is the image when it falls. Although it appears to be caught by the air cushion installed below, Mr. Liang died.

`` Returning '' 黃 clothing man Taiko Hiroba critical station 5 small time crash land loss Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest-YouTube

A word left by Xiao Jie, who committed suicide by suicide in protest against the amended fugitive offense on July 3. Hong Kong's demand-based revolution that appeals to the unjust elected government.

One report on a case of a nurse whose right eye was blinded by a bean bag used by Hong Kong police on August 11.

One to protest police crackdown at Prince Edward Station on August 31.

The event was allegedly mobilized by protesters and civilians in a subway train, causing police to violently crack down on violence and discourage alleged protesters. thing. In addition to the brawl that triggered the report, the adjacent Mong Kok station yard was also being vandalized by demonstrators. It

appears that 65 people have been arrested during the crackdown, but it is unknown whether they can be prosecuted. There are rumors from Hong Kong citizens that 'there may be dead,' and there is a call for the entire video remaining on the surveillance camera to be released. However, the MTR has not been able to meet such demands. The following is part of the video.

<< Sight 31 >> [8.31 Prince Station Police Assault] (RTHK31: 03/09/2019)-YouTube

A word commemorating a 22-year-old student who died after falling from a parking lot in a collision between police and demonstrators on November 8.

Black killer policeman. The black police is a slang meaning police like a yakuza, and Kei and Black are one kanji.

Returning sacrifice, some students? How many more students have to sacrifice?


Protect freedom. Gwangbok Hong Kong.

Heavenly destruction.

Banned use tears.

Five major appeals. Five demands, no one can yield.

Fuck You POPO. POPO is a slang meaning police.

Unleashed, our future. Our future, not torn.

The words 'reporter', 'guardian child (to protect the child)', 'emergency squad', and 'people'.

Caricature cartoon.

Frog pepe and many words.

◆ Concrete block
Rebellion Freedom does not die.

It is the black night of the dawning night.

Blood bond blood pressure.

Deadly mob, just violent politics. There are no mob, there is only tyranny.

Democracy freedom Return democracy and freedom.

她 Only 15 years old (she is only 15 years old). It seemed to point to a 15-year-old girl found in a naked water corpse . She was treated as 'suicide', but there are many inexplicable points including the background, and there are calls for the truth.

Sinjiang in Hong Kong. Don't make Hong Kong look like Uygur.

Communist party desperate.

◆ Offensive
An elderly woman walking alone in the underpass. He stopped his feet and stared at the poster on the wall. A piece of paper that falls off. Some people in Hong Kong don't like the way these demonstrators work. And the Hong Kong government has not acknowledged it.

A wall from which much of the poster has been removed.

Wall of stairs where only paper waste remains.

A trace of the words of the demonstrators squashed.

An underpass that repairs hatred with authority.

It is easy to physically erase graffiti and posters. But that alone does not change the hearts of those who participated in the Hong Kong demonstration. To prevent this from happening again, the world will pay attention to the future of the Hong Kong government, whether to strengthen speech control following China or to introduce a universal vote of each vote according to democracies. Is.

(Sentence / Photograph: Takuya Sudo @ Chariderman
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