Chinese university removes `` freedom of thought '' from the charter and revise it to make teachers and students loyalty to the Communist Party


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It has been found that “freedom of thought” has been removed from the university charter of Fudan University, a national university in China, and content that requires service to the Communist Party of China has been added, which has caused a huge ripple in China.

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On December 17, 2019, the website of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China announced a partial revision of Fudan University's university charter created in 2014. In this new charter, more than 40 locations have been revised, and the word 'freedom of thought' has been deleted, as well as 'schools independently run universities' 'teachers and students comply with the law However, it has been found that the word “independent” indicating academic independence has been removed from the part of “independently and autonomously carrying out academic research independently”.

In addition, “the university will maintain the leadership of the party and fully implement the party ’s educational policy” “the Marxism as the guiding philosophy and socialism as the foundation of school administration” In addition to adding text that emphasizes the leadership, `` (University) always serves the Chinese rule of the people and the party '' `` Contributes to the strengthening and development of the socialist system that makes use of the characteristics of China It was stated that it should be done. In addition it has been added to the Chinese Communist Party charter in 2017, ' Chinese characteristics of the new era by Xi Jinping socialism thought the (Xi Jinping thought)' was written when there is a need to know the employees and university teachers.

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Fudan University is known as a university with a particularly liberal school tradition in China, news that freedom of thought from the University Charter of Fudan University has been deleted have a significant impact in China, is a China version of Twitter Sina Weibo According to (Weibo), the keyword 'fudan amendment' jumped to the top of the trend.

A Weibo user who calls himself a student at Fudan University said, “I finished writing a paper yesterday overnight. In the thanks in the paper, I thanked for“ Freedom of Thought ”and“ Independence of Academic Studies ”I learned at Fudan University. “Who did you expect these two words to be unrelated to Fudan University?” Commented on Weibo. Another user said, “Future children are worried that Fudan University would be a generation that did not know that there was a time when emphasis was placed on“ freedom of thought ”and“ independence of academics ”. I've tweeted on Weibo, but this post has already been deleted when the article was created.

On December 18, 2019, many students sang Fudan University university songs in a university cafeteria, protesting the revision of the university charter. This movie was quickly spread on Weibo and posted on Twitter.

According to overseas media Quartz, it seems that the university charter was revised not only at Fudan University, but Nanjing University and Shaanxi Normal University also revised the charter to emphasize the power of the Chinese Communist Party. It is said that there is.

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