Why do Chinese leaders have a degree in engineering and American leaders have degrees in law?

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Even the same politician has a degree in law in the case of the United States in many cases, there are differences in academic qualifications depending on the country, in the case of China it is often that you have a degree in engineering. "Why such a difference is born is in the history that the country has followed," said the international communication department representative of Chinese search engine Baidu and the writerKaiser KuoI am spelling.

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"1990 announced"Changes of elites and changes in China and Taiwan in recent years"As a result of surveying the mayor and governor of a city with a population of 1 million or more in China, more than 80% went to a four-year university on natural science and engineering, or had a further careerTechnocratIt was revealed that it was. In the paper, it is told that there are a lot of technocrats with advanced science and technology expertise in China's political elite.

This trend was seen as a part of what is called "new authoritarianism" and "soft authoritarianism" that began in the early 1980s, and it is thought that many political elites with expertise have promoted high economic growth in China I have done it.

The reason why such a trend was born is in the history of modern China. After Mao Zedong fainted from 1961 to 1965,Deng XiaopingHe worked as a politician because he was born in an ideologicalistic bureaucracy or a wealthy family, reduced the number of bureaucrats that spread the political world, increasing the number of "experts". And as a result of emphasis on both political thought and professional technology, in the 1980s he was both a physicist and a democratic activistSix-four Tiananmen IncidentWas detained as the mastermind ofTakuyukiAnd the aerodynamic researcher who is called "Father of Chinese Space Development"Qian scholarMany intellectuals with a technocratic idea appeared, and to criticize the Communist Party of China. Even though Mr. Zen said, "Even if it is an economic, social, or political problem, the government should solve the problem with an engineering approach", how the technological idea penetrated in modern China You can see how it is done.

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Also, from the historical point of view, there is a foundation upon which engineers and politics are connected. In ancient ChinaMenciusThe word "let the brain worker rule the physical worker" is left, but the priest who can talk with the dead in the Yin Dynasty where he lived has power, the technology is casting bronze It was about that. After that, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty bureaucracy system is the founder of ConfucianismConfuciusTeaching and going to public servant examinations was regarded as the most important matter of politicians, but in the early 20th century the civil servant examination system came to an end, the former regime was overwhelmed and "scientific facts" was emphasized Confucianism that has been regarded as "fact" by the knowledge class will be denied. Often called scientific socialismMarxismThis is why it had a big impact on China, Kuo said.

Meanwhile, among the founding founding countries of the United States, influence was strongJohn AdamsIs a lawyer and another founding fatherJames MadisonAs the lawyer was trying to become a lawyer, since the foundation, the law of the United States has been incorporated into the DNA of the United States. From this also Kuo says that it seems quite natural that American politics is built on the concept of check and balance and the rule of law.

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