Firefox announces partnership with NextDNS, a secure and customizable DNS



Firefox, a web browser developed by Mozilla, is a protocol `` Trusted Recursive Resolver program (TRR program) '' that requires companies that can see the browsing history of users by processing DNS data to change the data handling method Has announced the participation of NextDNS .

Firefox Announces New Partner in Delivering Private and Secure DNS Services to Users-The Mozilla Blog

DNS is a mechanism that translates names such as '' into numerical addresses that can be recognized by computers. DNS has been used for almost 30 years over almost every activity on the Internet, including websites and web services. However, since DNS has existed for a long time, 'privacy' etc., which has been emphasized in recent years, is not emphasized, and plaintext communication is performed. Therefore, the need for encryption has been called out for security reasons.

Therefore, over the past two years, Firefox has been working to develop, standardize, and popularize the DNS encryption technology 'DNS over HTTPS (DoH)'. If you use DoH, the exchange of encrypted packets will be performed, and the privacy of DNS communication will be maintained.

Announced that Firefox will officially implement `` DNS over HTTPS (DoH) '' that encrypts communication with DNS-GIGAZINE

However, Firefox said, 'DoH encrypting DNS data is only half the problem,' he said, 'the other half of the problem is with DNS providers that can exploit DNS data.' A protocol that requires the DNS provider to 'restrict data' that determines the retention of confidential information, 'transparency' that promises a clear policy, and 'block and modify' that prevents the provider from performing censorship, etc. The TRR program was launched on December 9, 2019.

Trusted Recursive Resolvers-Protecting Your Privacy with Policy and Technology-Open Policy & Advocacy

And about a week later, on December 17, 2019, Firefox announced that NextDNS has joined the TRR program. NextDNS is an online security company that not only provides a secure and customizable

DNS resolver , but also releases DoH apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and routers.


In this announcement, NextDNS co-founder Romain Cointepas said, 'We commend Mozilla's commitment to privacy, and we are working with Mozilla to provide the Firefox community with a modern, fast, non-logging DNS resolver. I am proud of what I can do. ' Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, who participated in the TRR program at the time of the release of in 2018, said: `` This attempt to encrypt DNS, one of the most important protocols of the Internet And wants DNS providers to join. '

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