Google's free DNS service 'Google Public DNS' supports TLS security

Google Public DNS, a free public DNS service that Google began offering on December 3, 2009, has made tremendous growth, for example through the enhancement of free public Internet services since the start of service. Such Google Public DNS supported connection using TLS .

Google Online Security Blog: Google Public DNS now supports DNS-over-TLS

Google DNS Service ( Now Supports DNS-over-TLS Security

Many activities on the Internet start with " DNS query " requesting an IP address corresponding to a specific domain name, such as a DNS server, after entering the web address etc in the device at hand. Although this DNS query is sent via TCP , this process not only has the risk of monitoring the information of the website you visit but also it is vulnerable to attacks such as IP spoofing .

In order to deal with these problems, Google announced on 9th January 2019 that Google Public DNS supports the TLS security protocol. This tells us that DNS queries and responses will be conveyed through TLS-encrypted TCP connections and that security will be improved.

According to Google, the DNS environment has changed since Google Public DNS was launched 9 years ago, and today's Google Public DNS is performing a mission to protect users' privacy and safety from network monitoring. Google says that Google Public DNS supports the TLS protocol so that users can obtain similar security as HTTPS .

It was not Google for the first time to introduce TLS security into the DNS service, and the DNS service " " Cloudflare began offering in 2018 also corresponds to TLS security by being a privacy-oriented DNS service It is said that it is.

Cloudflare launches "" DNS service with emphasis on privacy side - GIGAZINE

Google has released a method to switch to Google Public DNS secured by TLS and if smartphone also has Android 9 Pie or higher OS installed it will benefit from TLS security when using DNS service I can do it.

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