A bug that app data disappears on Chrome 79 is discovered



In the stable version of Chrome 79 released on December 11, 2019, it was found that there was a bug that data of other applications was lost. In response, Google has suspended the distribution of Chrome for Android and is considering a fix.

Google pauses Chrome 79 rollout on Android after bug wipes data in some apps

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It was reported that data could be lost when using ' WebView ' technology to display web pages in the app.

The cause is that in Chrome 79 and related WebView technology, data migration of localStorage and WebSQL, which are mechanisms for saving information in the browser, is not performed properly. This means that if you update Chrome, you will lose some or all of your data.

At Google, we are discussing a problem-solving strategy, `` Migration will continue and move lost files to new location '' or `` Move migrated files to old location and revert changes '' .

Chrome 79 has already been distributed to 50% of users, and it is unknown how big the impact will be.

Chrome 79 is also the version that will gradually implement the enhanced password protection function, and it should have been more secure than before, but it has become a place where it can be scooped elsewhere.

Google explains the mechanism of `` password protection function '' enhanced with Chrome 79-gigazine

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