Chrome for iOS is open sourced

Chrome for iOS version "Chrome for iOS" has been open sourced, and it is now complete transition to the Chromium project.

Chromium Blog: Open-sourcing Chrome on iOS!

Google said there are restrictions on the iOS platform that the browser must be built on the rendering engine WebKit. Because Google Chrome basically uses its own rendering engine Blink, Chrome for iOS needs to support both Blink and WebKit, which means that the code was complicated.

Google who did not want to bring this complicated problem to the Chromium project seems to have continued working on incorporating Chrome for iOS code upstream, and finally this upstream work has been completed, so Chrome for iOS is open sourced It was added to the Chromium project.

As Chrome for iOS is added to the Chromium project, software developers will be able to compile Chromium for iOS from Chromium source code. Google says all speed tests for Chrome for iOS will be available in the Chromium community and will automatically be tested when you check in code to Chromium.

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