Google announces the new rendering engine "Blink", Mozilla announces mobile engine "Servo"

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Google announced the development of a new rendering engine "Blink". Google's browserGoogle ChromeWe are using WebKit as HTML rendering engine, but Blink is from this WebKitforkYou will be something to do.

Although it was announced the same day, Mozilla developing Firefox also announced a new rendering engine "Servo".

Blink - The Chromium Projects

Chromium Blog: Blink: A rendering engine for the Chromium project

Introducing the new rendering engine Blink for Chromium project - Google Japan Developer Relations Blog

The HTML rendering engine is a program for interpreting a description language for displaying a web page, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and actually displaying characters and images on the screen, which is the heart part of the web browser I will.

For example, Trident for InternetExplorer and Gecko for Mozilla Firefox are used,SleipnirThere are also things that can be switched by installing two WebKit and Trident like.

Google Chrome employs a Webkit rendering engine, which was originally developed in 1998 with the engine called KHTML forked by Apple for Safari. "Fork" is a branch from the source code of existing software to develop new independent software, so in the distribution of Linux most things are forked from one of Debian, Red Hat, Slackware It is what has spread.

The open source web browser created using this WebKit is "Chromium". Google Chrome is born on Chromium.

According to Google, Chromium, unlike other WebKit based browsers, has adopted a multi-process architecture, so the project has become complicated and the speed of development has declined over the last few years. That's why we decided to develop a new WebKit-based new open source rendering engine.

While it is obvious that "the appearance of a new rendering engine will have a huge impact on the Web," it is evident that innovation is promoted by the existence of multiple rendering engines, and long-term "open web ecology It is convinced that it will lead to healthy system.

Google Chrome will be equipped with this Blink engine in the future, but in addition to thisStop proprietary engine development and announce the WebKit + V8 engine and beyondOpera also didMove to BlinkIt is a pattern.

Mozilla / servo · GitHub

Meanwhile, Mozilla announced that Servo is a rendering engine for Android · ARM terminal, developed in partnership with Samsung Electronics. Currently, Firefox's rendering engine adopts Gecko, but it is not clear whether future Mobile Firefox will adopt Servo.

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