Pointed out that `` both occupation and lack of sleep '' are the reason why poor people are prone to heart disease



According to past statistical surveys, it has been found that `` economically poor people are more prone to cardiovascular disease '', but a survey that considers not only income but also sleep states that `` poor people are more prone to cardiovascular disease Both sleep and lack of sleep are involved. '

contribution of sleep to social inequalities in cardiovascular disorders: a multi-cohort study | Cardiovascular Research | Oxford Academic

Communities Exposed to Adverse Socioeconomic Factors Found to Sleep Less, Have Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disorders

Huge Study Hints at a Key Reason Why Poor People Have Higher Risk of Heart Disease

The research group of Dushan Petrovich et al., Who is studying epidemiology at the Swiss

General Medical Public Health Center , has revealed the risk of heart disease from the relationship between work style and sleep. Petrovic et al. Conducted a meta-analysis of eight cohort studies involving a total of 111,205 people, and found three elements: sleep time, lifelong socioeconomic status (SES), and cardiovascular disease (CVD). I investigated the relationship.

“Sleep time” is “appropriate (6 to 8.5 hours)”, “long time (greater than 8.5 hours)” and “short time (less than 6 hours)”. Profession is `` high (experts, managers, salaries with high salaries) '' `` medium (small business owners, farmers, technicians, etc.) '' `` low (low salaries clerks, sales staff, manual workers) ', Respectively. Two types of data were adopted for CVD: cardiovascular disease ( coronary heart disease / CHD) and stroke .

Analysis shows that the risk of CHD is increased by 19% for men and 25% for women if the SES attributed to the father's occupation is low. In addition, the risk of CHD increased by 48% for men and 53% for women if the SES attributed to the participant's own occupation was low. In addition, 13.4% of male CHDs were found to be due to short sleep time. The risk of stroke was not related to any factor.

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According to Petrovich, women with a higher risk of CHD due to lower SES are more likely than men to say, `` Women with low socio-economic status often have low-wage jobs with high physical and psychological burdens. I also do housework, and the stress may be more affected by sleep deprivation and other factors than men. '

Petrovic added, “This study found that the interaction between low socio-economic status and sleep deprivation is likely to cause enormous damage to health. The low position makes it necessary to live in a noisy environment where sleep is disturbed, and the low socio-economic status of the person makes it a shift job with irregular working hours or a stressful job It highlights the fact that people are forced to go to work, ”he stressed, and emphasized the need for social reform.

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