Nintendo Switch and paper crafting to solve the mystery and searching for lost memory “Paper mystery with thoughts from the future” is a new sense game that fuses digital and analog

A game that solves the mystery using game machines and real paper, “ Paper Mystery , Thinking from the Future, ” appeared as a dedicated download software for Nintendo Switch on Thursday, November 28, 2019. While watching the hints projected on the game screen, actually playing what kind of game is “mystery solving“ paper game ”” which solves the mystery by folding or cutting the “mysterious paper” at hand I checked it.

Paper mystery with thoughts from the future official site-delightworks, inc.

It looks like this when playing “paper mystery with thoughts from the future” while actually folding the paper.

Nintendo Switch `` Paper mystery with thoughts from the future '', I tried to solve the mystery while working on paper-YouTube

In order to play “paper mystery in the future”, not only Nintendo Switch and game software, but also scissors and pens…

It is necessary to prepare a paper called 'mystery paper' that is necessary to solve the mystery in the game.

You can download the mystery paper from the following website, or you can apply for it and send it out from the

application form .

Mystery Paper Download | Paper Mystery With Thoughts from the Future Official Site-Delight Works Co., Ltd.

The mysterious paper has a tear line that says 'Let's cut it before starting the game' ...

Cut the paper along the line in advance.

The game starts when scissors, pen, and mystery paper are ready. The game starts when you select 'From the start' on the start screen. It seems that you cannot create multiple save files.

The story begins when the protagonist Tokio receives a letter from the unknown sender.

The letter contained a photo of a girl and Tokio when she was young.

But Tokio can't remember the photo girl.

Tokio tries to remember the memory he has forgotten.

Then, a mysterious girl appears in front of you.

A girl who talks to Tokio, 'I and you are being trapped. Revive your power.'

But Tokio has no idea what it is. The girl who finished talking disappears like a phantom.

Tokio remembers the girl in the photo and traces her memory to understand the words of the mysterious girl. Tokio's voice is played by

Soma Saito , and the girl's voice is played by Mr. Lii Takahashi . You can listen to the speech in the main movies during the game.

The purpose of the beginning of the game is to investigate the items related to memories and to wake up Tokio's memory. First, select the “Stage1” origami ...

There seems to be a memory about paper cranes between Tokio and the photo girl. Select “Remember” to start the game.

When the game starts, Tokio will be skipped into a mysterious space and will be searching for memories while solving mysteries. In Stage1, the girl in the photo navigates.

If you solve the mystery in the mysterious space, you can get commands to use the power called 'super power'.

You can use super powers such as “Time Leap” and “Teleport” by entering the command. The commands for using abilities are different at each stage. Depending on the stage, you may not be able to proceed if you do not remember each command, so it is recommended that you take notes frequently.

The mystery to get commands must be solved using mysterious paper.

Prepare mysterious paper to be used in Stage1

I'm instructed to fold it in half ...

When folded in half, you could see something like a command in the red frame.

If you enter the commands in numerical order on the game screen instead of typing the commands drawn on the mystery paper as they are ...

We were able to activate time leap.

A new mystery is waiting for the time leap destination. Solve mysteries, get super powers, and find new mysteries.

When you solve some mysteries, an object called 'Kiokdama' appears. The final goal of each stage is to remove the paper that surrounds Kiokudama.

If you enter a command after solving the mystery in the space where Kiokudama exists, the super power “Chakasul” that seems to be ignited is activated.

When Kiokudama ignites ...

As soon as Kiokudama burns, Tokio's head will flow into the past. Tokio finally remembered the memory of making a paper crane with the girl in the photo.

Tokio traces past memories by examining memorable items one by one.

The following scene is a stage that traces the memory of the birthday party. I don't know the command of psychic power in this scene alone ...

By collating the mysterious paper, a clue to the command that activates the super power emerges.

Sometimes cut and paste mysterious paper ...

Roll or overlap ...

Some stages require you to write directly on mysterious paper.

If you clear a certain number of stages, new memorabilia will be added.

Tokio gradually recalls the memories she spent with the girls, such as the picnic that she went with in the spring and the fireworks that she saw together in the summer, as she looked at the memorable items.

As the story progresses, the memory that Tokio follows will intervene not only in Tokio's own, but also in the memories of others.

I think that it is a story that follows the faint memories of boys and girls, but the story goes in a disturbing direction.

You can actually play the game to see if Tokio can regain memory with the girl or who is the girl who is “captured”.

Mystery solving becomes more difficult as the stage progresses. If you are worried about the end of the story, but you can't go ahead because it's difficult to solve the puzzle, you can get a hint on the official website.

Tips | Paper Mystery With Future Thoughts Official Site-Delight Works Co., Ltd.

A total of 20 stage tips are posted. To see a hint, first select the stage name.

When you select a stage name, hints are posted for each mystery. The tips are small and do not immediately lead to answers. You can get more detailed tips by pressing “See more tips”.

If you say 'I don't know at all by looking at the hints!'

You can also experience the “paper mystery” on the web.

'Paper mystery with thoughts from the future' Web experience | Paper mysteries with thoughts from the future Official Site-Delight Works Co., Ltd.

In the game, it is necessary to move the viewpoint to see the hints to solve the mystery, and if you play alone, you will operate the controller → paper work → operate the controller ... It is recommended to play with two or more people who can share roles with those who do, paper craftsman. As the story progresses, the difficulty of solving the mysteries will increase considerably, so it seems more enjoyable to play with multiple people playing with wisdom without relying on hints. At the time of writing, there was no option for camera operation, so people who are usually used to reverse operation may have a little trouble.

'Paper mystery with thoughts from the future' can be downloaded and purchased on Nintendo Switch from Thursday, November 28, 2019, and the price is 2480 yen including tax.

Nintendo Switch | Download Purchase | Paper Mystery

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