A fierce man who has remodeled the game cube controller into a perfect electric warmer in cold winter appears

The Nintendo GameCube released in 2001 is an old-generation game machine that has been around for 20 years, but its controller is very popular and can be used with Nintendo's latest game machine Nintendo Switch . In particular, there are users who have remodeled the popular GameCube controller from the Super Smash Bros. series player into an electric warmer that warms your fingers in the cold winter and seems to help better gameplay.

Smash Player Develops Hand-Warming GameCube Controller

In the cold winter season, your hands may get cold and difficult to move, and you may not be able to operate the controller as you would expect in a game. Assuming such a situation, Morne , a Twitter user who has played the Super Smash Bros. Series for a long time with the GameCube controller, has remodeled the GameCube controller into an electric warmer. In addition, when overseas game media Kotaku interviewed Morne, when he participated in a local game tournament, he saw that other players were warming their hands with electric cairo, `` Gamecube controller to electric cairo He came up with the idea of “remodeling”.

Morne has a gamecube controller with an electric warmer function in the movie, and you can see what kind of controller has changed by watching the following movie.

Morne's Version 1.0 Fully-internal hand-warming controller.- YouTube

The game cube controller with an electric warmer function modified by Morne is here. The cable part connecting the controller and the game cube has been replaced with a paracode cable. There is a heating mechanism inside the controller, but it seems that it will function safely even if there is a heating mechanism because it has heat insulation inside. However, the appearance itself is almost the same as the original controller.

When the cable is connected to the GameCube body ...

It functions normally as an ordinary controller.

If there is a black external battery pack placed on the left of the cable, it is possible to use the electric warmer function for a long time, but even if there is no battery pack, if it is a short time, the controller alone can function the electric warmer is. In addition, as you can see from the fact that the electric warmer functions without a battery pack, the warmer part is not powered from the GameCube itself.

The top surface of the controller has a MicroUSB port, power button that is not normally present, and LED indicators that are difficult to understand from the picture. It is also possible to charge the battery built into the controller via the MicroUSB port.

The electric warmer can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the power button. The LED indicator lights up red when the power is turned on.

Press the power button twice to check the battery level. It is unclear whether the remaining battery level will be indicated by the LED indicator lighting method or by color, but if it lights in blue, the remaining battery level is full.

The back is like this. It is said that it is close to the appearance of the original controller using polymer clay.

When the temperature when starting the electric warmer was measured, it was around 100 Fahrenheit (about 38 degrees Celsius).

According to Kotaku, “Warm-up” is a very important concept in the Smash Brothers community. When playing in a tournament, for example, “warm-up” is a gameplay in which the game is played lightly in preparation for the match. Both the “warm-up”, which makes the finger movement flexible by physically warming the fingers used to operate the controller, are important because the former is very easy, but the latter can be difficult. This is because the temperature may be set as low as possible in consideration of the operation of the game machine at the venue of the tournament.For experienced players, bring an electric warmer etc. when participating in the tournament In some cases, the presence of a controller that can warm your hands directly while playing is in the Smash Brothers community Also I wrote a big impact is the 'me.

Morne says that he will bring several prototypes of controllers with electric cairo function to Genesis, a large tournament of Super Smash Bros. scheduled to be held in 2020, and have the participants test it. since just completed the alpha version, opportunity to ask them to test the top players did not yet. (Genesis in) MikeHaze we plan to be in the top players, such as ask them to test use. it should be noted, BlueBuddy electric circuit 'I actually liked the function and said that I liked it,' he said.

Several supporters have appeared in the project to install Electric Cairo on the GameCube controller that Morne started, and at the time of writing the article, he is working on updating the controller with his collaborators. Also, Morne says, “We will continue to develop controllers for many players whose hands have become tendonitis due to playing smash bras .”

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