I tried a new menu of Doutor such as 'Warm tapioca-brown sugar latte-' that warms the body and mind and Milano sandwich with charcoal grilled roast beef

From 14th November 2019 (Thursday) Doutor Coffee hot drink ' warm tapioca-brown sugar latte- ' that combines tapioca with brown sugar latte made with brown sugar sauce from Iriomote Island, Okinawa, and red wine sauce worked Launched “ Luxury Milan Sand Roast Beef with Red Wine Sauce ”, sandwiched with charcoal roast beef , and Hot Sand “ Morning Cafe Set B 3 Cheese and Bacon Egg ” topped with bacon and scrambled eggs. Did. It is said that tapioca drinks that are warm enough to drink with straw and hot hot sand are perfect for the cold season, so I went to Doutor and tasted the new menu.

It's just a warm warm tapi released from November 14th! Luxurious Milan and hot morning sales at the same time | Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd.

Hot tapioca-brown sugar latte-| Menu | Doutor Coffee Shop

Luxurious Milan Sand Charcoal Roast Beef -Red Wine Sauce- | Menu | Doutor Coffee Shop

Morning Cafe Set B 3 types of cheese and bacon eggs | Menu | Doutor Coffee Shop

Arrived at Doutor.

From the left, “Morning Cafe Set B 3 types of cheese and bacon and eggs (398 yen including tax)” “Luxury Milan Sand Charcoal Roast Beef-Red Wine Sauce-(499 yen including tax)” “Warm Tapioca-Brown Sugar Latte (458 yen)” is. 'Luxury Milan Sand Charcoal Roast Beef -Red Wine Sauce-' and 'Warm Tapioca -Brown Sugar Latte-' were discounted by 50 yen on the set menu.

When I opened the lid of 'Warm Tapioca-Brown Sugar Latte-', there was a latte with brown sugar sauce.

To drink, open the lid of the lid first ...

Insert the straw. The tip of the thick straw was cut diagonally, making it easier to suck tapioca grains.

When I drank latte, I felt an elegant flavor of brown sugar along with the richness of milk. The latte feels a little slimy, but thanks to that, I didn't have to worry about burning my mouth even if I ordered it with Tapioca. The tapioca inside is mochi mochi and has a subtle sweetness, so you can enjoy the taste and texture that comes into your mouth and the taste of Japanese sweets that perfectly match brown sugar latte. I did it.

Next, let's eat “luxury Milan Sand charcoal roast beef -red wine sauce-”.

It looks like this when comparing the size with a transportation IC card.

The layers of roast beef are combined with mashed potatoes using refolds called horseradish and red wine sauce with hibiscus paste.

When you eat a bite, the taste of fresh lettuce crispy and the flavor of meat tightly packed in roast beef spreads in your mouth. Thanks to the spiciness of the mashed potatoes and the sourness of the red wine sauce complemented the taste of the roast beef, the sandwich was able to fully enjoy the juicy taste of charcoal-grilled beef.

Next, we will eat “Morning Cafe Set B 3 types of cheese and bacon eggs”.

Ingredients are bacon, scrambled egg, and cheese using three types of 'Gouda mozzarella cheddar'.

The wrapping paper was affixed with a sticker reminding you to be careful.

The combination of smoky bacon flavor and scrambled eggs melted with 3 types of cheese is outstanding. Tightening the richness of black pepper's spicy cheese and maximizing the taste of the meat.

Hot cheese melted out from the gabled section.

'Morning Cafe Set B 3 types of cheese and bacon eggs', 'Luxury Milano Sand Charcoal Roast Beef -Red Wine Sauce-' and 'Warm Tapioca -Brown Sugar Latte-' are available at Doutor Coffee nationwide from November 14, 2019 (Thursday) You can order, but “Morning Cafe Set B 3 types of cheese and bacon egg” is a morning menu until 10:30, so be careful.

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