There are scientific reasons why pizza is delicious


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According to a survey by the `` Pizza Council ' ', a group of famous Japanese pizza chains and food processing companies, the pizza market in Japan has grown to 267.6 billion yen, the highest ever in 2018, and pizza shipments by manufacturers There is also a tendency to increase year by year. Also, in the United States, a pizza powerhouse , 350 slices of pizza are eaten per second . Associate Professor Jeffrey Miller of Colorado State University School of Medicine explains why Italian-born pizzas are loved by people from around the world.

Curious Kids: Why does pizza taste so good?

“The reason why pizza is so popular around the world is because humans prefer 'fat, sweet, rich and complex foods,'” said Miller. Pizza is often topped with fat-rich cheese and meat, and the sauce is also sweet. In addition, glutamic acid contained in tomato is known as a substance that produces “umami”. When humans sense glutamate, their brains get excited and they start thinking about taking more of that food, and saliva secretion is promoted.

Substances that produce umami are not only glutamic acid but also inosinic acid and guanylic acid . Inosinic acid, which is abundant in meat and cheese, and inosinic acid and guanylic acid, which are contained in mushrooms, combine with glutamic acid to produce an “umami synergistic effect”. Therefore, pizza that combines tomato, cheese, meat, and mushrooms into one sheet is a dish that can feel a strong umami taste for humans.

In addition, Associate Professor Miller points out that there are two scientific phenomena that produce the deliciousness of pizza in the pizza manufacturing process of “baking in the oven”.

The sugar contained in pizza causes an oxidation reaction called “

caramelization ” at 230-320 ° C. Sugar is also found in pizza dough, onions, tomatoes, and sauces, and the caramelization is responsible for the savory flavor and brown color of the brown dough.

Meat and cheese topped on pizza are also baked fragrantly when heat is applied in the oven, but this fragrance is due to a chemical phenomenon called the “ Maillard reaction ”. Protein and sugar react with heat to produce a brown substance called melanoidin, and when it is combined with the heated scent of the amino acids that make up the protein, it is a chemical reaction that produces a unique aroma. Scorched cheese and baked crispy pepperoni are evidence of this Maillard reaction.

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'Pizza based on bread, cheese and tomato sauce may seem like a simple food. But it's not. The next time you try to eat a piece of pizza, it will excite your brain and taste ”And you will know everything about pizza that fills your mouth with saliva,” said Miller.

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