What is a ugly object taken from a woman's eye that passes through a flock of flies while running?

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Many people have seen mosquito pillars standing in a puddle or under a light at dusk in summer. If you rush into the mosquito pillar without noticing it, in most cases it is just uncomfortable and not important. However, there was an incident where a parasite was found in the eyes of a person who rammed his face into a group of insects while running in the United States. It is said that this is the second case in the world where a parasite of the species discovered this time was discovered from the human eye.

A Second Case of Human Conjunctival Infestation With Thelazia gulosa and a Review of T. gulosa in North America

Woman Finds Parasitic Worms in Her Eyes After Running Through a Swarm of Flies

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it has found four parasites in the eyes of a 68-year-old woman living in Nebraska. The parasite is a type of nematode called Thelazia gulosa that is mainly parasitic on the eyes of cattle and yaks and is known to grow by eating the mucus of the eyes.

Women, run the all-terrain trail running has been a hobby, in early February 2018 had spent the winter while enjoying the trail running in Snowbird land in California. There was a ranch that raised cattle and horses near the park where women were running trails.

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During a trail run one day, a woman suddenly plunged her face into a flock of small flies and exhaled the flies that entered her mouth. There was nothing at that time, but I felt irritation in the right eye in early March, so when I washed my eyes with tap water, two transparent nematodes about 0.5 inch (about 1.27 cm) moved I found it. The third nematode was removed by an ophthalmologist at the ophthalmologist who visited the next day. The ophthalmologist instructed the woman to prescribe antibiotics to prevent secondary infection and continue to wash her eyes.

When I returned to my home in Nebraska in mid-March, my eye pain did not go away, so when I visited an ophthalmologist again, I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and found no parasite. However, when a woman washed her eyes immediately after diagnosis, a fourth nematode came out. After this, eye pain and conjunctivitis subsided, and subsequent tests showed no signs of parasites.

The woman took out a total of 3 nematodes from her eyes, but since the ophthalmologist in California stored the nematodes in formalin, CDC examined them, the nematodes were Thelazia gulosa was determined. In February 2018, 14 Thelazia gulosa were found in the eyes of a 26-year-old woman living in Oregon, and this is the second case of Thelazia gulosa infection. In the United States, there have been 10 reports of cases where nematodes have been removed from the human eye, but all of them are another type of nematode called Thelazia californiensis , and Thelazia gulosa was found in the human eye in 2018. It is the first time.

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CDC's research team said, “The reason why Thelazia gulosa was infested by humans is unknown”, but “importantly, in the nematode sample, the egg that contains the developed larvae was confirmed It was pointed out, 'suggesting that Thelazia gulosa, which has been discovered only from the eyes of cattle and the like, can be propagated by human eyes.

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