Release date of Chromium version Edge is known, it is also possible to download and use it before the official version release

Microsoft announced that it will release Edge based on the open source browser engine “

Chromium ” on January 15, 2020. Edge, which has a new browser engine, has its own privacy protection in addition to the speed and scalability of Chromium.

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Microsoft also announced the redesign of the Edge logo in line with the decision to release the Chromium version. Compared to the current logo on the left, the new logo on the right is a fairly designed design, but it is 'capturing the wave of innovation delivered to users.'

`` The

damage caused by data spills in 2019 is estimated to be $ 392 million (about 42.6 billion yen) , ' ' said Yusuf Med, Microsoft's corporate vice president who announced Chromium Edge He stressed that the new Edge has strong security.

Security at the new Edge is borne by the SmartScreen filter function that prevents access to phishing sites and malware, and the InPrivate function that has been expanded from the current Edge. When using the search engine Bing from Edge with the InPrivate function enabled, the window is closed and at the same time the browser record is completely erased.

Privacy protection is also enabled by default. Looking at the image of the setting screen below, as with the privacy protection function introduced in Firefox 70, select the protection level from three types: `` Basic '', `` Balanced '', `` Strict '' You can see what is possible.

In addition, as a unique feature, it also has a “collection” that automatically collects data such as images and texts on the Internet and exports them to Excel, Word, etc. in a single shot. You can understand the collection function in one shot by reading the following article.

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In addition, as a function for professionals, it is also planned to release extension programs corresponding to Microsoft's cloud services FastTrack and App Assure .

The official stable version of Chromium-based Edge is scheduled to be released on January 15, 2020, but the release candidate version 'Microsoft Edge 79' can be downloaded and used from the following.

Microsoft Edge Insider

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