I have eaten and compared 'Triangle Choco Pie Cookies & Cream' using McDonald's Triangle Choco Pie New Oreo and 'Triangle Choco Pie Black' which is a classic winter

From October 15, 2019, the winter classic ' Triangle Choco Pie Black ' and the new ' Triangle Choco Pie Cookie & Cream ' will appear in the crispy texture 'Triangle Choco Pie' with multiple layers of McDonald's pie dough. did. Along with the renewed ' Premium Roast Coffee ' that appeared on the same day, I ate and compared the 'Black' of mellow chocolate cream and the 'Cookie & Cream' of Oreo's mellow vanilla cream.

-The season for 'triangular choco pie' has finally arrived this year! -New 'Triangle Choco Pie Cookies & Cream' Classic 'Triangle Choco Pie Black' Compared to eating? Limited time sale from October 15th (Tuesday)


Completely renewed for the first time in about 3 years! -The price has not changed, and the taste has evolved with a deeper taste! -New 'Premium Roast Coffee' (Hot) will be available from October 15th (Tuesday), limited to 4 days from the same day, and a ¥ 0 trial campaign!

Arrived at McDonald's.

On the panel on the cash register, the premium roast coffee and two types of triangular choco pie that you are looking for are appealing.

The item was offered as soon as I ordered it.

The left side is the ' Triangle Choco Pie Cookie & Cream ' (150 yen including tax) package, and the right side is the ' Triangle Choco Pie Black ' (130 yen including tax) package. Since cookies and cream use

Oreo for filling, the packaging is also Oreo pattern.

On the bottom of the package is a QR code that can display a page of allergy / nutrition / country of origin information.

On the side, there were comments that recommended the comparison of eating the two new types of triangular choco pie, such as 'Compare with another triangular choco pie!' And 'Compare with black and eat!'.

When I open the package and take out the contents, it looks like this. The 'Triangle Choco Pie Cookies & Cream' on the left is closer to black in color than the 'Triangle Choco Pie Black'.

First of all, I will try eating from 'Triangle Choco Pie Cookies & Cream'. When I picked it up directly, it was warm enough to feel the heat, and when I cracked it, I saw a thick vanilla cream containing Oreo cookies.

The dough is made up of multiple layers of hard and thin pie crust, and this layer realizes a crispy texture.

When I try to eat it, the surface of the dough has a light and crispy texture, but overall it has a chewy texture. The filling part contains crushed Oreo cookies, and although it has an Oreo feel, the main ingredients are vanilla cream with a strong milk flavor and the fragrant cocoa flavor of the dough itself. You can enjoy a slightly different taste from Oreo.

On the other hand, when I try 'Triangular Choco Pie Black', the chocolate cream is not too sweet and not too bitter, but the texture and flavor of the almonds inside are accented. The dough is the same as 'Triangle Choco Pie Cookies & Cream', and you can enjoy the crispy texture and the fragrant cocoa taste of the dough itself.

In addition, beans from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua from Central America and South America have been newly added to ' Premium Roast Coffee ' (100 yen including S size tax, 150 yen including M size tax), further deepening roasting. It was reborn. When I drank it, the acidity and bitterness were modest and it was easy to drink, but I could feel the richness of coffee. Both of the two types of triangular choco pie have a sweet aftertaste, so they go great with the reborn premium roast coffee.

Premium roast coffee is being held from October 15th to October 18th, 2019, from 14:00 to 21:00, with a campaign in which S size is offered for 0 yen.

'Triangle Choco Pie Cookies & Cream' from October 15th to mid-November 2019, 'Triangle Choco Pie Black' from October 15th to late December at McDonald's nationwide except for some stores, eat at all business hours You can.

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