The highest tree in Amazon is discovered that scientists thought that it was too big and sensor failure

A Brazilian researcher reported that 'we found a tree in the Amazon River basin in South America that is significantly higher than the previous record.' The height of the plant, which was considered the limit of that kind of plant, has been renewed by nearly 30m, and the height has reached about 88.5m. It is estimated that the tree is 400 to 600 years old.

The giant trees of the Amazon basin-Gorgens-2019-Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment-Wiley Online Library

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The largest group of trees in the Amazon was discovered by Eric Bastos Gorgens, a research group working on forest engineering at the Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, a Brazilian university. Gorgens et al. Were initially engaged in a project to investigate the situation in the Amazon basin by laser scanning from satellites.

During this project, Mr. Gogens discovered that there were nearly 80m of trees near the Jari River, a tributary of the Amazon River that flows through the Guiana Highlands. Gorgens, who is familiar with the Amazon forests as an expert, didn't think there were trees over 80m in the area, so, 'At first, a flying bird or an artificial tower was caught. Otherwise, I thought it was a sensor error. '

Mr. Gogens, who verified the data repeatedly and was convinced that there was an unknown giant tree, went to the site with a mountain climbing specialist to actually confirm with his own eyes. And waiting for Mr. Gogens, who went through the road of 240km in total including the river run-up by boat over 5 days, was a tree of the kind called Dinizia excelsa about 88.5m in height.

The tree called Angelim vermelho (red tree) or Angelim pedra (stone tree) in Portuguese is useful as a wood because of its excellent durability. Also, as it is classified as a low-risk species on the Red List , it is not a new tree or a particularly rare tree.

It was the height that surprised Mr. Gorgens. The average height of Dinizia excelsa has been estimated to be 50m on average and 60m at most. However, 15 Dinizia excelsa exceeding 70m in height were found near the Jari River where Mr. Gogens visited. Moreover, because only a small part of the Guiana region was visited in this study, there may still be a lot of taller trees. Gorgens estimates that the trees are about 400-600 years old, but it's not clear why Dinizia excelsa has grown so far.

Mr. Gaugens said, “Because of the secluded outback, it was cut off, and the area is less likely to become a path for strong winds and storms, and the soil is relatively stable.” He expressed his view that the big trees had survived so far because of good luck.

Mr. Gorgens further stated, “This size tree can store 500 carbons of ordinary trees, and from the viewpoint of carbon storage, only one tree can store 1 ha (10,000 square meters). It is worth the forest, ”he stressed, and how valuable the giant tree discovered this time was.

Amazon is reported to have experienced the largest fire in observation history since 2019, and it is clear that serious damage has occurred that will require centuries to recover.

Researchers claim that it takes more than a few hundred years to regenerate the Amazon rainforest burned down by fire-GIGAZINE

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