What is the result of trying to save children with zero medical training? 'The good intentions are not enough'


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The expression “ whites save non-white people from remote areas” in movies and novels is called white saviors . A person who was a white savior complex went to Uganda and wrote that he had learned that “good faith is not enough” while trying to save children without much experience. A fresh note of what happened when a person with no expertise or experience tried to save the children was published.

When White Saviorism Turns Deadly: American missionary played doctor, children died, when will there be justice?

An anonymous person, who had a white savior complex, spent three months at a child-care facility in Jinja , Uganda when he was 20. This person had no medical expertise at all, but was involved with children in good faith. The person who felt 'changed things' solicited investment from parents and friends and decided to do further activities in Uganda after collecting hundreds of thousands of yen.

The white savior complex of this person was further accelerated by meeting a person named “Lenny Bach” in Jinja. Bach, who was 18 years old at the time, had never attended university and had no expertise, but he started operating a child-accepting facility. The writer who was influenced by Bach and his project “Serving His Children” founded a similar NGO in Ginja.

At that time, a person who had a bachelor's degree with little practical experience was engrossed by Bach who was trying to save people over Uganda without experience or expertise, but the event of January 2014 started Became distrustful.

In January 2014, a 3-year-old child was brought to a facility operated by a scribe. The child was severely malnourished and in need of treatment. After receiving treatment at the facility, the child recovered once, but the day after he was told that his heart was stable, he died of a heart attack. The heart of a child who was already under great stress was unable to withstand any more.

by Antoine Plüss

Later, it turned out that the child was previously malnourished and taken to a Bach facility. Although the facility provided the necessary nutrition, the facility staff returned the child to the village without confirming the cause of the child's malnutrition. This caused the child to become malnourished again, and this time he was taken to the writer's facility, but was unable to help.

The writer discussed this with Bach and a social worker at her facility. The writer explained, “If you have received child welfare training or have experience, you should know how important follow-up is.” “The cause of child death is also in you.” The writer requested that Bach and the staff follow up appropriately so that the children do not have to return to the facility.

However, Bach's subsequent action was to practice medical practice with the children who came to the center as subjects. There was a medical specialist at the Bach facility, but because Bach himself had no medical knowledge or experience, she began to actively treat children at risk.

At that time, the blog written by Bach was published on the “Serving His Children” website. On the blog that was withdrawn at the time of article creation, the following contents were written.

“I connected my baby to the respiratory tract and started work.” “We measured body temperature, injected intravenously, examined blood sugar, tested for malaria, and confirmed the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.” 'I tried to diagnose many problems' 'Running around Jinja, I found blood that met her!' 'We started transfusion'

According to the testimony of former volunteers and staff, the above example is insignificant compared to the advanced medical practices performed by Bach at the facility. Bach took the child from the hospital and medical center and performed medical treatment. At that time, Bach spoke without hesitation about his own treatment, but many children are believed to have died in Bach's facilities. It seems that the specific number of how many children died is unknown because the proper procedures were not taken after the children died at the facility.

Bach conducts medical activities learned on YouTube to children.

Those who tried to account for Bach and “Serving His Children” were slandered by advocates and became hostile. A facility called Bach's “Home Church” and the missionary community tried to support and protect Bach. Also, missionaries tend to judge things selectively, and medical practices that would not be allowed if a young Ugandan woman did tend to justify if Bach did. In addition, Bach's board of directors was made up of close friends and family, so when volunteers and staff expressed concern, there was the problem of eliminating the staff rather than being accountable.

Bach stands in a room with photos of malnourished children on the wall.

When 'Serving His Children' was closed in 2015, many people thought that 'justice should be fulfilled for children who died in the center.' However, there was not enough investigation by the authorities. It is spelled out that the person has decided to publish this note, saying, 'If the justice is not fulfilled by the national system, what should be done is to get the public attention.'

The note was published in 2018, but a lawsuit against Bach was subsequently accepted in 2019. The trial was scheduled for March 2019 but has been postponed and will be heard in January 2020.

Renee Bach wasn't a doctor, but she still treated many patients in Uganda, lawsuit says-ABC News

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