What is one man who protected mankind from nuclear extinction over 30 years ago?



It is not well known that one of the days when mankind approached the nuclear war was September 26, 1983. If a man made a different decision that day, hundreds of millions of people may have died, and the global environment may have changed completely due to the nuclear effects. The journalist, dylan matthews , continues to discuss the man who saved the planet and humanity, while interrogating the Soviet government for the judgment.

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Stanislav Petrov saved more lives than just about any human who ever lived-Vox

On this day, the missile attack warning system of the Soviet Union displayed the word “LAUNCH”. This means that an intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the United States toward Russia with a very high probability. And this warning will be displayed for a total of 5 shots from next to next.

At that time, Colonel Stanislav Petrov, who was working in the army of the Soviet Union, saw this display and was forced to make a decision. If you report that there was a warning above, a missile launch will occur as a retaliation. There is no time to double check or negotiate with the United States.



At that time, the Reagan administration had a stronger attitude toward the Soviet Union than the Carter and Nixon regimes, and had a strategic defense concept . In addition, the Reagan administration is deploying a two-stage ballistic missile called Pershing II in West Germany and the United Kingdom to counter the Soviet Union, the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union was fierce, and the United States actually shot the missile It was said that the possibility that he had come was considered enough.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Petrov and his team determined that the warning displayed five times was a 'false alarm' and did not report it up. In fact, it was later discovered that this warning was a false detection of missiles as reflected by sunlight. The Soviet Union at the time of 1983 had 35,804 nuclear warheads, and the United States had 23,305 nuclear warheads. Depending on the report of Lieutenant Colonel Petrov, it would have been no surprise. According to a report published in May 1979 (PDF) , if both countries launch missiles at the other end, it is estimated that between two countries will kill between 136 and 288 million people. It was. In addition, the war could affect the temperature of the earth, and agriculture could be hit and deaths could increase.

The decisions that cost hundreds of millions of lives were tremendous for Lieutenant Petrov. If the judgment was wrong and an American missile arrived in Russia, it would have been guilty of treason even if it survived. In fact, even though Petroff's decision was not wrong, Colonel Petroff was heavily interrogated and his decision was never praised by the government.

However, after the Cold War, Colonel Petrov was praised by the United Nations and won the Dresden Award, an international peace award. In 2014, Lieutenant Petrov's documentary “ The Man Who Saved the World ” was released, and in this, Lieutenant Petrov said, “I was just there at that time.” Later, in 2017, Colonel Petrov died at the age of 77.

It is not only Colonel Petrov who has prevented the nuclear war. Vasily Al Kyopov, vice captain of the Soviet submarine 'B-59', is also known to have prevented the launch of nuclear torpedoes into the US Navy during the Cuban crisis.


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On October 27, 1962, among the submarines near Cuba, the Navy began preparing to launch nuclear torpedoes. Although the approval of three officers was necessary for the launch of the nuclear torpedo, two people other than Mr. Al-Kheupov approved that `` the nuclear war has already started '', but Mr. Al-Khepov objected It was. As a result, the outbreak of the nuclear war was prevented in the past. Mr. Al-Khepf died at the age of 72 in 1998, but the death is believed to have been affected by the nuclear accident of the nuclear submarine K-19 . The fact of B-59 was revealed in 2002.

In addition, Russia's first president, Boris Yeltsin , was forced to make a decision following a report that a nuclear warhead was fired from the United States on January 25, 1995. The unit responsible for the Russian nuclear warhead prepared for interception, but Mr. Yeltsin finally decided not to counterattack. Later, this was also falsely reported, and the Russian warning system detected that it was found to be a rocket for aurora research that the United States and Norway developed in cooperation.

by Президент России

Correspondent Dylan Matthews said the same could happen as long as Russia and the United States have nuclear weapons arsenals, not once before the nuclear war.

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