'Sdnotes.com' that allows you to create a website with automatic erasure function by simply entering an address for free

There are many blog services and social networking services in the world, but personal privacy is often a trade-off in exchange for convenient services, and technology companies offer customized advertisements based on collected data. It produces profits by displaying and buying and selling collected data. Mr.

Yahoo 99 (Eric) who doubted such a modern situation has developed a service ` ` sdnotes.com/ '' that can create a website with automatic deletion without registration of personal information easily and free of charge I actually created a website.

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Using the service developed by Yahoo 99 (Eric) is very easy. First, enter 'sdnotes.com/' in the browser address bar.

Next, enter your favorite character string after “sdnotes.com/” and access it as it is…

A website using the character string you entered earlier was created. When using many web services, it is necessary to enter personal information such as e-mail addresses, but at 'sdnotes.com/' you can create your own website.

Enter the word you want to post in the box on the left and click “Post”.

Then, the posted content was immediately displayed on the website. In the lower left corner of the post, you will find the date “Sep 26 (September 26)”.

Images cannot be pasted, but text can be posted any number of times. You can use it instead of your own notepad ...

You can also post long texts.

Click on the “x” icon in the upper right corner of the post.

You can delete the posted content by clicking “OK”.

Click the “i” icon at the bottom left of the screen to open the password input form. By setting a password for the website created at 'sdnotes.com/', it will be impossible for others to edit the website without permission. Note that setting a password does not prevent others from seeing the website, but someone can access the website and view the posted content.

Enter your password and click “Add password”.

When the password is set, the page is updated, the message “Updated password” appears and the post form on the left side of the screen disappears.

In order to post a new text, you need to click the “i” icon at the bottom left and enter your password.

Once you enter your password, you can now post text on your website again. All you need to log in to the 'sdnotes.com/' website with a password is a password, and multiple people can share and use one website.

There are already several 'sdnotes.com/' websites, and at the time of writing, Yahoo 99 (Eric) created '

sdnotes.com/faq ' and ...

You can view sites such as '

sdnotes.com/caroline ' created by overseas media Motherboard.

The website created at “sdnotes.com/” is accessible to anyone who knows the URL. Although user data is not collected at the time of use, the created website is automatically deleted if it is left for 30 days without new posts.

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