It turned out that half of the users were tired because the streaming delivery service increased too much



In recent years, subscription-type streaming distribution services such as Netflix , Hulu , Amazon Prime Video , Disney + , Apple TV +, etc. that allow you to watch movies, dramas, and anime with a monthly fee have increased. However, it is pointed out that half of the users are dissatisfied with the expansion of streaming distribution services, and that many modern people are experiencing “ subscription fatigue ”.

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When delivering a movie over the Internet, the service provider must make a contract with the movie distributor to clear the rights, and the movie will end when the contract expires. Since various streaming distribution services have contracts with distribution companies, distribution can start with another service when the distribution period ends with one service. As a result, users must be registered with multiple services to truly “watch favorite movies when they want”.


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According to a digital media trend survey released by consulting firm Deloitte (13th edition) , 69% of American households subscribe to one or more streaming video distribution services, and 41% distribute streaming music. You are registered with the service. On the other hand, 65% of households are subscribed to pay TV channels such as cable TV and satellite TV, and it can be said that the registrant rate for streaming distribution services is higher.

And 49% of users said, “The amount of content available for streaming services is too large, making it difficult to select content to watch.” It was also found that 49% of people gave up searching for content if they couldn't find the content they wanted to watch within minutes after accessing the streaming service.

In addition, 47% of those who register for streaming distribution service responded that they are dissatisfied with the increasing number of streaming distribution services that they must register to view their favorite content. In addition, 57% of consumers responded that “I'm frustrated when my favorite TV show or movie has ended from a registered streaming service”.

by MIKI Yoshihito

Kevin Westcott, Vice Chairman of Deloitte and Director of Trend Research, “Consumers want to be able to choose content, but only to a certain extent. We are entering the era of“ subscription fatigue ” It may have been. '

In response to this survey, Carl Board, the writer of the technical media Techdirt , pointed out, “People want to centralize streaming delivery,” “It is difficult for users to view content freely. Then some users may use pirated services that infringe copyrights. '

Actually illegal streaming distribution service has already appeared, `` jetflicks '' where you can see more than 180,000 content at about 1100 yen per month than regular streaming distribution services such as NetflixHuluVuduAmazon Prime Video It is reported that it was proud of the overwhelmingly large number of distribution works.

On the `` Netflix-like pirated distribution site '', far more works were distributed than the original Netflix-GIGAZINE

“The industry should appreciate the fact that illegal streaming services with richer content than the legitimate are no longer just competitors and understand what customers really want. It must be. ' Consumers feel frustrated and uncomfortable with streaming distribution services that are becoming more fragmented and exclusive because the streaming distribution service itself has the meaning of efforts to move from illegal copying to legitimate services I strongly argue that ignoring is a mistake.

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