Why have so many movies with “zombies” appeared?

Zombies are known as humans who have risen corpses for some reason, and are thought to roam around and attack live humans. A zombie that has become a major presence in many horror movies now, a movie that explains how it came to appear in many video works has been released on YouTube.

Where Zombies Come From-YouTube

Walking around the town with a suspicious footsteps ...

A lot of zombies. This is a familiar scene in many movies.

A country that can be said to be the root of such a zombie is

Haiti located in the West Indies . For about 20 years from 1915 to 1934, the United States occupied Haiti.

At that time, Americans paid attention to

voodoo religion, which is believed in Haiti.

Voodoo religion was established through the cultivating of West African civilian beliefs and traditions with Christianity, and there are many believers in Haiti and Benin in West Africa.

Such voodoo has become a subject of interest for Americans, coupled with prejudice, anxiety, fear, hostility, etc. about the black culture ...

William Seabrook , an American explorer and journalist, went to Haiti and spread the voodoo presence to America.

The book “ The Magic Island ” was written in 1929 after Seabrook interviewed voodoo followers.

The book about an unknown mysterious faith attracted many people's interests, but among them, there was content that attracted much attention. The title of the chapter is “ DEAD MEN WORKING IN THE CANE FIELD” (Dead men working in sugar cane fields) .

Seabrook uses the word “zombie” to explain zombies. According to Seabrook, a zombie is a corpse without a soul, and it is taken out of the tomb despite being dead and given life like a mechanical device by magic.

According to Seabrook, the zombies made in this way are used as slaves in Haiti, but the zombies at that time were supposed to have no need to drink or eat. In other words, the well-known nature of “attacking humans and eating meat” was not found in the zombies introduced by Seabrook.

Just after Seabrook published `` The Magic Island '', horror movies such as ``

Majin Dracula '' and `` Frankenstein '' were hit in Hollywood, and the movie industry was looking for a new monster to replace the classic monster .

Therefore, the movie released in 1932 is '

Fear Castle (original title: White Zombie) '. Fear Castle is the founder of a horror movie with a zombie theme.

The story begins when two newlyweds, Neil and Madeline, visit Haiti to have a wedding. The two were invited to the mansion of a man named Bowman, a landowner in Haiti, but in fact Bowman was lying in love with the bride's Madeline.

Therefore, Bowman is a story that uses the hand of Legendre, a voodoo priest, to make Madeline his own.

The horror castle was a commercial success, but the zombies themselves were not as popular as Dracula and Frankenstein. However, zombie movies such as “

Zombie Rebellion ” and “ I Walked with Zombies! ” Will appear. However, the zombie movie itself will gradually fall.

In these movies, zombies were depicted as “slaves that obey the Lord” as introduced by Seabrook, and they did not have the property of indiscriminately attacking humans as seen in recent zombie movies.

In addition, the terrible appearance of the zombie appeared in the “

Vampire Zombie ” released in 1966, but it is still a zombie statue that remains strongly influenced by Voodooism.

The turning point of such a zombie movie came in 1968. By director

George A. Romero, who is known as the leading figure of zombie movies until the 21st century ...


Night of the Living Dead ' has been produced and released.

Night of the Living Dead is a work that has had a strong influence on all kinds of zombies such as zombie movies, comics and TV dramas in recent years.

The zombies drawn by Romero don't have the Lord and don't listen to humans.

It is not a zombie as a slave, but a monster that acts according to mere instincts.

The main principle of action is 'Pursue and attack live humans' ...

The cannibalistic characteristic of eating meat is also infiltrated by Night of the Living Dead.

Although the movement is slow ...

Zombies attack with things and have no mercy.

The weakness is that your head is shot or burned.

Once you become a zombie ...

Even the family will kill you.

There are no voodoo zombies here.

That's because Romero didn't consider the monster drawn at Night of the Living Dead as a “zombie”. The moving dead that appeared in the Night of the Living Dead were not zombies, but the flow of

ghouls . However, after this, the existence that attacks live humans and eats meat is called zombies.

Director Romero himself made '

Dawn of the Dead ' in 1978 ...

Depicts standing in shopping malls and fighting zombies.

The reason why Romero's work left a strong influence on the future generations is that the quality of the movie itself is the highest. Night of the Living Dead expresses the nature of a brutal living corpse ...

“Dawn of the Dead” walks around the zombies in a shopping mall that has permeated everyday life.

In the movie, zombie behavior reflects people's behavior as a grotesque mirror.

In recent years, not only in movies ...

Zombies are familiar in the game.

In addition to horror movies, zombies have also appeared in comedy-oriented movies.

It began with a movie that shows that zombie statues have been made over the years from Haitian civilian beliefs.

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