Movie to guide you "How do you survive in the world where zombies are crowded?"

As the proverb "Probably no grievance if provided", it is important to prepare and prepare for anything assuming the possibility of anything. "If a world where zombies overflow ... ...", a movie that explains the survival technique against sadness that may be impossible even in the unlikely eventHow To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse"Is not only zombie countermeasures, but also content that seems to be useful for disaster countermeasures.

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There are a lot of voices calling for teaching about the Internet "How can I escape from zombies?" So, let 's talk about how to survive the world where zombies are going to survive.

In order to survive the zombie world, it is important to be healthy at all.

Every day, if you try to shape and shape your body, you will escape from the zombies.

If zombies go all out in the town, it is highly possible that the house has already "fallen".

In preparation for such a case, it is important for families to decide two different emergency evacuation places apart in the opposite direction from home.

Let's confirm each other's safety from the emergency place.

Only acquaintances are dependable when confronting a zombie.

Do not believe strangers.

Here is the ultimate tool to survive in the zombie world.

First is "water". You should remember that one gallon (about 4 liters) of water is needed per day.

As a food, preserved meals such as canned food and cereals are also important.

Besides, knife, dry battery, flashlight, tape, radio with built-in battery are useful as well.

Nonetheless, there is a need to procure supplies. Not only at home we abandoned ... ...

Petrol stations, military supply boxes, outdoor shops and others are leading suppliers.

There may be occasions asking for objects in the forest.

In such a case, it is necessary to proceed while always marking.

However, fruits to be forested are likely to be poisoned, so you should avoid eating.

Even when water runs out, do not panic. Humans can live without drinking water for several days.

Let's collect rain water on the rooftop of bottles and bottles that are empty.

For cold areas, snow and ice is OK.

Also, you should remember that there is water in the water tank and the toilet too.

Let's use the tank, of course the toilet.

How can I purify water?

Easy to heat. It will be OK if boiled for 1 minute.

What do you do when there is no fire?

Let's remember that you can purify water with bleach in emergency. It is enough to add 8 drops of bleach per gallon of water (about 4 liters).

Mix it well and leave it for 30 minutes to purify it.

Zombies should be around. It is also important to set up a safe place for evacuation.

Let's try to escape from the window opposite the entrance.

Ideally if you escape to a dam, a water purification facility, a power plant, a building of a government office, etc. as an evacuation site.

However, if you go too far or search for a long time, be careful as you may get trapped by zombies.

Shopping malls should be avoided. Because there are a lot of people in the shopping mall, people who are killed by zombies and become zombies will increase in an instant so it is dangerous.

Armed with zombies is also important.

In order to prevent zombie's bite attack, styles for leather jackets, kevlar clothes, boots and other riders are effective.

Of course it is effective to escape by motorcycle.

If you come across a zombie ...

Basically, you should escape.

Furthermore, the characteristics of the brain of zombies are revealed by research.

Zombies are quickly forgotten because the part responsible for memory is deteriorating. Therefore, even if you escape it is OK so you can forget it soon.

Furthermore, cognitive abilities such as vision are difficult.

It is an ant to get disguised as a zombie and to disguise as a zombie.

Although running away but winning, there should be scenes that you can not avoid the fight against zombies.

In such a case, weapons such as swords and metal bats are recommended over guns.

Let 's overwhelm the imminent zombies.

In addition, we can not recommend attacks by common guns.

The probability of a bullet hit in battle condition is only 25%.

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