What is the most important thing in survival surviving when the end of the world comes and civilization is lost?

Once in Japan, people in their 30s or more once fell into horrorThe great prediction of NostradamusAs was the case in the West, "end of the day" based on the teachings of religion sometimes gets ridiculous. In the near place, on September 23, 2017Planet X collides and the earth is destroyedAlthough the theory that it was the topic was talked about, the world has already entered in October without a particularly big turbulence. However, there are many people in Europe and the US to prepare for such "referee's day", and prepare various things in advancePreppers (Preppers)There are people called. While fears that AI (artificial intelligence) threatens humanity may be a day, how to survive when it is driven to a corner is a movie "How To Survive The Apocalypse - Scientific Survival TipsIt is explained in.

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When tools and services to protect yourself have disappeared, the minimum things you must first prepare are "water" "food" "shelter" (hiding place) "fire" "clothes".

Humans can not survive without "water". Even if you are fortunate to find a natural water source, it may not be contaminated with bacteria or the like. To be safe for drinking water, boil for at least 5 minutes to sterilize and make it safe. It is also important to transform toxic proteins harmlessly by heating.

You should also be able to collect water from plants. If you find a cactus, you can take out water by cutting out a part and grinding it.

In addition, snow accumulated can be a valuable source of water, but depending on the situation it may contain pollutants, so it has not been used with caution. It is also an important action in survival to squeeze water sprinkled in cloth, collect water droplets on leaves, and collect water accumulated in rock cracks.

Be careful as you lose your lips with your tongue and important moisture may be lost. When thirsty, including a button and pebbles in the mouth to promote the secretion of "saliva" to help relieve thirst is also useful. Fortunately, even if a large amount of water is found, it is not to drink at a stretch, but to let the body fully spread the body by drinking little by little. Otherwise it may be attacked by nausea and conversely drain water out of the body.

Next on "food". In times of emergency, it is inevitable that you will survive the hunger by eating insects etc. However, these creatures can be excellent foods that can efficiently ingest proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

It is also essential to capture and eat wild creatures.

However, when hunting and catching prey, degradation of meat will proceed quickly as lactic acid left in muscle acts. In such cases, if you cook quickly and cook, you can minimize adverse effects.

If vitamin C can not be ingested for more than one month, the healing function of the body will weaken and the wound will not be cured. This is because collagen and protein necessary for body regeneration are short. In such a case, you can take vitamin C equivalent to a glass of orange juice by drinking tea that boiled spruce (cedar) twigs and leaves.

One of the creatures easy to catch in wildlife is a rabbit. However, since rabbits are creatures with little fat, they need to take fat in a different way. Modern society can easily take fat from butter and milk, but there is no need for butter and ice cream at the site of survival. In such a case, it is a good way to find the fruits of acorn.

Acorns contain a lot of fat, and in many cases they do not have poison. However, because there is bitterness derived from tannin, rather than eating directly, first boil for about 2 hours, grind the fruit, knead the powder and eat it as bread etc. OK. Apart from acorn, seeds of dandelion and maple can also be eaten in the same way.

When the ocean is nearby, fish is an important nutrient source.

In addition to fish, seaweed should also be known to be a valuable nutrition source. It is good to boil, it is good even if it is steamed, it is good even if you bake it, and even raw it becomes valuable food to eat. It goes without saying that shellfish and others are precious foods.

When catching animals and getting meat, the main way to eat is to "bake". It is common practice to stick meat on a wooden or iron rod and hold it over a fire, but if you remember how to "steam" by drilling a hole in the ground it would be better.

Digging a hole in the ground, put the burned stone in it, and spread moisture-containing vegetables and seaweed on it. Then put the meat and water from the top, you can make steamed dishes by the heat of the stone.

As a tool to cause "fire", it is the best if there are matches and writers left. However, as time comes when either of them will run out, you should know that you can fire a stone at such a time and make a spark. AroundPearlite(Pyrite) is falling, it should be kept as this also becomes a valuable ignition source. And, of course, the method of using a magnifying glass and the sun's light to fire is also very useful.

If you can make an ignition from the spark, slowly keep the fire with the skin of the tree, branches, dry algae etc. By doing so, you can keep fire as long as possible.

However, it is strictly prohibited to burn a fire in a closed space to protect themselves from enemies, as it may become carbon monoxide poisoning and lose their lives.

It is a small cave that can be used as "shelter". In addition, it is possible to secure a space that is easy to spend by processing a branch of a tree to make a pillar and a hut and making a roof. You can also secure drinking water by making equipment to keep rain falling on the roof.

"Clothes" is important to protect yourself from the coldness of winter. However, because it is cold, if it gets too thick, it may cause dehydration by promoting perspiration on the contrary, so it is best that a little cold is the best. To ensure ease of movement, avoid slim jeans, it is convenient to prepare clothes with many pockets. Also, when socks get wet in the cold winter, it can cause frostbite. To avoid this, you can use a method to increase the waterproofness by painting the fat of the animal in the socks. And of course, it is one of the best ways to utilize the feathers to surpass the cold.

And, in fact, the most important thing is to remember such knowledge without fail somewhere.

It is highly likely that you will not be able to use the net in the event of a catastrophe or "referee's day", and you can not search for necessary information when saying Isa. It is felt like this is normal if you get accustomed to a certain society with the net, but sometimes it is important to know what the primitive life is like in advance and to think about it in advance.

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